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What To Wear To Renaissance Festival – Simple Ren Fest Outfit Ideas

ren fest outfit ideas

It’s renaissance fair season! A fun fact about me is that I’ve been going to the AZ Ren Fair with my family since I could remember. There are stories of me being pushed around in a stroller at the festival, until now when my fiancé and I go every few years. Even if you’re not hugely into the renaissance itself, or would never want to dress up for an event like this, they can be so much fun! Usually, people are a little nervous about going, thinking it will be super geeky like a comic con convention (no shade, those are fun too!) But if you want to casually go to a renny fair, it can still be fun to dress up a little! Today’s article is for those of us that want to have a little renaissance spirit without going overboard. Here are some simple Ren Fest outfits ideas for you to try out!

Corset Belt

Throwing a corset belt over anything can give it some renaissance vibes! You can wear practically any shirt with a corset belt and suddenly it is transformed! Personally, I wore a corset belt over an off-the-shoulder top with a long skirt and it was the PERFECT casual Renny fair look! It fit the theme just enough without feeling like I was wearing a costume.

Flower Crowns

Much like with a corset belt, throwing on a flower crown can completely transform any outfit. You can be wearing a T-shirt and jean shorts and then adding in a flower crown will make you fit right in! Renny fairs are crowded and most people will just see a bunch of heads anyway (in lines, watching shows, etc.) so just dress your head up!

Big Sleeves

There’s something just so witchy and piratey about big sleeves! The fun thing about the Renny fair is bringing in the mystical side of it! What would a dragon slayer wear? What would a fairy wear? A mermaid while on land? Big flowy sleeves are one of my favorite casual ways to bring in some fantastical elements to an otherwise casual simple outfit.

Long Skirts

Long flowy skirts (paired with just about anything) are another simple way for you to fit right in at the renny fair! You really don’t have to go all out to have a little bit of fun! Pair a long skirt with any blouse, tee or top and you will be bringing in a little bit of renaissance to your outfit! While you’re there, you can pick out a flower crown or headpiece to add to your outfit!

Forest Fairy Motifs

Anything foresty is an absolute vibe! Pretend you’re a forest fairy and bring some mushroom, woodland creature, or cottagecore fairy-esque outfit pieces with you! Whether that means a T-Shirt with a fox on it, some mushroom earrings, or a delicate top you could see a fairy wearing, you’re good to go!

What other easy Ren Fest outfits have you come up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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