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5 Healthy Ways Of Expressing Anger To Calm You Down Quick

Healthy Ways Of Expressing Anger

We all get angry. It’s just a part of life. Something doesn’t go your way, someone doesn’t communicate how you want them to, your dog using your rug as a toilet, the leg of your chair being so rudely in the trajectory of your foot on your walk to the bathroom making you experience that sudden rush of pain that pushes everything you’ve been « dealing with » right over the edge. It happens. But maybe this sequence doesn’t have to end with erupting, slamming, yelling, even pushing blame outward. That isn’t to say that you’re the one at fault for all of your anger. No one is. I’m just saying that how you deal with your anger is your responsibility. So, here are some healthy ways of expressing anger that we all feel!


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Sometimes when we’re angry, we feel the need to vent. While this accomplishes making us feel better, it’s not always productive. Or, if we snap in the moment, our venting might look a little more like irrational thoughts, accusations, and emotions flying all over the place and we don’t want that. Instead give yourself the time and space to reflect on the situation. Is it something you have control over? If not, try to get it off your chest, then shake it all off and away. If so, perhaps you could journal about your options to move forward through the situation, being graceful yet aware of your emotions and their triggers. Honestly, journaling helps in so many situations that if you don’t know what to do, maybe just try journaling, whatever the dilemma.

Get To The Gym

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Feeling the anger physically? At that point, it can be hard to shake and sometimes we try throwing, hitting, or slamming instead of a healthier alternative. What is a healthier alternative to relieve these explosive feelings? Exercise! Whether it’s boxing or lifting or running or even yoga, expressing or releasing anger thoughtfully and intentionally through movement is SO much better than not knowing what it feels like to need to release your anger physically and becoming explosive or even dangerous to yourself or others. It’s also way better to release the anger through exercise then letting it all build up inside you without ever releasing! So, get to sweating out your anger, babes!


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I know, I know, if you’re pretty angry, it can feel stupid to be giggling it up. But they don’t say « laughter is the best medicine » for nothing! And laughter truly is something that can be prescribed on so many different occasions— especially in the case of the grumpies. I don’t know your sense of humor but you do! Talk to your partner in a silly voice or in song for the rest of the night, spend time with your funniest friend, go to a comedy show, whatever! Put your funny bone to work, damn it!

Try A Rage Release Room

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Maybe curating the perfect environment for you to deal with your anger on your terms is too much work, and I get it. Fret not! There are places that do the work for you! Establishments such as rage release rooms are excellent places with safety and other standards met that allow you to break things, smash things, swing a bat around, scream, etc. all in a place where that’s accepted and accepted. You know how they say there’s a time and a place for everything? If you really need to rage out, the place is a rage release room and the time is their hours of operation.

Or, Try A Spa

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Alternatively, maybe you really really need a break. Sometimes letting our rage get worked out by a masseuse is just what we need to start feeling better. This helps with the physical storing of anger and obviously gives you a good opportunity to take a deep breath and relax.

What are your go to healthy ways of expressing anger? Let us know in the comments!

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