Buying & Selling Clothes On Poshmark Is A Breeze With This Beginner’s Guide

how to sell on Poshmark

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If you’re reading this, it’s too late. You too have likely been sucked into the world of online reselling. Fear not! We got you. I have been using Poshmark since 2018, both selling clothes and buying them from other at-home sellers. Poshmark has always been my favorite, even after dabbling in other apps like Mercari or Depop. But it could be hard to get started — especially on how to sell on Poshmark. It’s even helpful to know how to effectively use the app to find original and affordable pieces. Thrifting and reselling clothes is a whole other ballpark, but if you have clothes you don’t want anymore and you’re looking to earn some extra money — well, step up to the plate.

Selling on Poshmark

Getting started

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I have been fortunate enough to rope my family into my Poshmark lifestyle. My mom gives me what she has discarded after picking through her closet, my little brother is still somehow outgrowing his clothes and my dad hasn’t kicked his novelty t-shirt addiction just yet. I even get my aunt’s clothes every once in a while in exchange for using my account to sell her wedding dress. Having a handful of your personal clothes is a great way to get started with apps like this one. Find a nice background to set up, like hanging your clothes in front of a doorway or lay them flat on a pretty sheet. Regarding your prices, it can be helpful to search for anything similar under the brand and see what has sold. Once you’ve got your price and your pictures, the rest should be easy to figure out.

What to sell

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First of all, don’t try selling anything you wouldn’t want someone to give to you. If it’s got rips or stains just avoid it. If any of your items have tiny marks or snags, just make sure to take a picture of it and put it in the description. What you sell is going to depend on what you have and how much time you have. When I first started I was in high school and was willing to sell things for five dollars. Now, I really don’t bother unless the listing price is ten. It depends if you’re trying to save your stuff from a landfill or make some real cash. Unlike Depop, the eclectic odd trendy items might not move, whereas Poshmark is all about the brand. From what I’ve found, the most sales I make are from women who are Generation X looking for brands like Brighton or Anthropologie, Millennial parents or Generation Z looking for cheaper options for trendy brands.

What to do once you’ve made a sale

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I find that I make sales in waves. Usually, a few items will sell at the same point in the month for me. Your first sale could happen immediately or take a bit of time depending on what you’ve got and how much you are selling. I currently have 99 available listings in my closet (I’m not a hoarder, I swear). People can also use the offer feature to knock the price down which is a helpful tool for moving your closet merchandise or even sending your likers offers too. But beware of lowballers: don’t let one person insisting on half the price of the item several times deter you from selling it at the price you are comfortable with (just keep in mind, pricing very high for used items that are not designer isn’t cool either). Once it’s happened, you can either use a priority shipping box which you can get through USPS for free or use a plain brown box you may have. I use tissue paper that I’ve saved from Christmas and birthdays (OK, maybe there’s some hoarding going on) and a fancier sticky note just to say thank you. How you package your sales is up to you, but it doesn’t hurt to write a little note or put your own spin on it. People like to feel like they’re opening a gift.

How to buy on Poshmark

Know what you’re looking for

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Poshmark is one of my favorite places to shop because I can find really cool pieces. It also relieves me of a little bit of guilt of buying new items that might be supporting some very unethical policies or using a lot of water in production. It’s super easy to use on your phone and the search tool is so satisfying. I’m able to look up one keyword, then filter the price, brand and the type of clothing piece I’m looking for. Keep in mind that most sellers will knock off a couple of dollars and the shipping price is … not ideal (about eight dollars when you add tax).

Signs of a good seller

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I find the best-sellers are the in-between of someone who has item upon item and review after review and the person who has a handful of clothes put up that are only in mediocre condition. If they seem to be selling their own clothes I personally find that a plus because they know the condition of their item and resellers can charge a lot. A good seller usually has some “love notes” on their about page and seems to be active on the app. You can comment “is this still available” if you’re worried it’s a dead account because ordering something from people who have abandoned their shipping responsibilities is a bummer.

What to avoid

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I have filed for two refunds through the Poshmark app in my days. The world does not want me to have the baby pink closet I desire because ordering these light colors just doesn’t work sometimes. I got a shirt with pit stains and a pair of pants with faint orange stains that were hidden in the listing. People! What! Come on. Fortunately, you can file for a refund if your item comes with hidden flaws, but nobody wants to have to immediately ship back their item or go through the hassle of waiting to see what the all-mighty-posh gods decide. If items have very little detail put into their listing (they are kind of thrown onto the floor, they seem wrinkled and the picture’s lighting is wack) it’s better to avoid it. 

Do you have any questions about how to sell on Poshmark? Need some tips as a buyer on Poshmark? Comment down below!

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