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Renter Friendly DIYs To Spice Up Your Space Without Any Damage

renter friendly diys

If you’re like most Zillennials living in this economy, chances are you’re a renter. While there are tons of traditional ways to make your space your own, hanging up posters and tossing a few cute pillows on your couch doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes, we want to embody our own aesthetic in a classy and personal way… What we don’t want is to break our bank accounts or piss off our landlords while making our spaces “our own.” Just because you’re a renter on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to be living in a drab space. Here are some super easy renter friendly DIYs that are budget-friendly that every renter needs to know about!

Wall Storage

Acrylic Floating Bathroom Shelves

There is not very much storage in the bathrooms. If cutting down on bathroom products isn’t really your jam, I love the idea of using sticky acrylic floating shelves for some extra storage space in the bathroom. Whether it’s on tile or your wall, these shelves are certified renter friendly and will definitely add some spice to your space.

Hanging Wall Shelves

A lot of landlords don’t mind a few holes here and there, but if you want some serious wall storage and you don’t want to spend big bucks on a unit, you don’t have to pick up a drill and get working on some real shelves – you probably shouldn’t, anyway. So, with just two small holes, you can get lots of wall storage with these hanging shelves. On top of being practical for renters, these shelves are so cute! That’s a win for your plants, books, or whatever else you’d like to put up.


Need even more wall storage? Are you the kind of person who loves switching up your decor often? A pegboard may be the perfect solution for you. In one of my old apartments, we hung one up and saw for ourselves just how easy it is to store whatever you’d like on the board. Mugs, shelves with books, etc. With the holes allowing you to move around knobs and organize the board how you like, a pegboard is one of the coolest renter-friendly storage hacks.

Wall Decals

Wall Arch Decal

No painting allowed? No problem! Adding wall decals is such a cool way to personalize your space without any mess or permanent damage to your rental space. Additionally, if you love the look of fun shapes and patterns on walls, but you’re sure you don’t have the time, energy, or artistic ability to make it look good, wall decals are cool! Wall decals have come a long way since 2010 and the days of “live, laugh, love” wall decals. Now, your decals can be as classy and simple as this super cool arch!

Line Arch Decal

If you want to go for something a little more complex, the difficulty of applying the decal isn’t much different at all! The great thing about decals is that they can transform your space with just seconds of application time. I’d say the result is definitely worth it.

Tile Decal

Wherever it may be, you can also add tile decals to your room to spice up your space even more. Whether it’s in your bathroom, on your kitchen backsplash, or on your floors, this tile decal is awesome for a quick update over any spaces.

Window Updates

Privacy Film

I LOVE THESE! If you’re looking to make your space a little more private and beautiful? Get these window decals! The prisms in the decal filter the sunlight coming into your space into rainbows all around. It’s honestly gorgeous and makes me smile any time light hits my windows in just the right way.

Hanging Planters

Bare and boring rental window? You don’t have to cover it all up with a curtain! If you’re a plant lover, consider using this hanging planter curtain rod. Have plants enjoy all that window real estate and you can enjoy that awesome view.

Blackout shades

I’ve always hated how thin and flimsy rental blinds tend to be, especially since I have a hard time sleeping with any light in my room. If you prefer things pitch black like me, you would love these adjustable blackout shades. No measuring involved! All you do is cut it down to your window size, stick it up with its renter-friendly adhesive edge, and boom! You have a way to darken your room on a dime.


Window Thumb Locks

I don’t know if I’ve ever rented an apartment with windows that actually lock. That’s not necessarily ideal, especially if you’re on the first floor. To prevent break-ins, adding a thumb lock onto your windows is an awesome way that’s easy, cheap and effective! Get yours now!!

Door Reinforcement Lock

If your place’s security involves just one lock between you and the outside world, you may want to upgrade your rental security. Unlike in a place you own, there’s not a lot you can do about adding more locks onto your actual door. I love this reinforcement lock because it’s out of the way, easy to use, and insanely effective at stopping an intruder from getting through your door.

Doorbell Mount

If you’re a Ring doorbell enthusiast, you’ll love this rental-friendly fix. You can mount your smart security doorbell onto your door to avoid complex and damaging installations. This amps up your security and definitely makes you more in control of your space.

Hide The Ugly

Room Divider

We all know that renting means you can’t always get what you want in terms of your living situation. You may love your space in some areas, but in other areas, it might be super ugly. Finding chic ways to cover up the ugly is one of the easiest and most practical ways of making your space look better. Room dividers were kind of invented for this reason! There are so many really cute ones!

Machine Washable Rug

Ugly flooring? We get it. Having ugly flooring doesn’t have to mean you have to look at it all the time. Just cover it up with a big, machine washable rug! They don’t always have to be as expensive as you think. You’d be surprised what wonders a big rug will do!

Velvet Stretch Slipcover

Ok, I know most renters have their own furniture, but if you’re stuck with some really ugly pieces, you can instantly turn them into something way cuter. Drab couches can become fabulous velvety ones with just a slipcover!

Are you ready to revamp your space? Which of these renter friendly DIYs will you try out in your space?

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