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The Search For The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Dress For The Bride To Be

When all of the wedding planning pieces have fallen into place, it’s all about the little details. Even though my wedding is months away, I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect rehearsal dinner dress. This might seem like a small detail to some, but I’m so excited about the possibilities (that are endless btw). I could go extravagant, or event timeless and classy… I could wear sequins, glitter, feathers or silk… There are so many options to choose from, so I thought I would help by compiling a how-to guide for finding the perfect rehearsal dinner dress for the bride.


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Before we start diving into the different types of dresses you could wear, we need to consider where your rehearsal dinner is taking place. Is it at someone’s house? You’ll have a ton of flexibility! Is it at a really fancy restaurant? They might have a dress code! Is it more of a garden party or a rooftop soiree? What’s the vibe? When your rehearsal dinner is booked, you can start figuring out what kind of dress you’ll even be looking for. Will you be going for glitz and glam or leaning more toward frills and fluff? Location means everything!


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This might not be as important for others, but for me, the silhouette of my dress felt like an important factor. As I was online shopping, looking for the perfect rehearsal dinner dress, I kept coming across ones that were the exact same silhouette as my wedding dress. And while I obviously love that shape, I don’t really want to wear it two days in a row. I want my wedding dress to shine and to feel really unique, not just a slightly different version of my rehearsal dinner dress. So this means that I have been on the hunt for silhouettes (necklines, lengths, etc) that are completely different and it has actually been really fun to branch out!


Looking for something glitz and glam? Here are a few of the most extravagant options. In this category, we’re going for sparkles, sequins, ball gowns, deep necklines and more complicated looks. You have to keep in mind that you only get married once (hopefully) so this is your time to shine! If you want to go all out, you absolutely should! As mentioned, definitely take your location into account so you’re not walking into a pizza place looking like you’re ready for a ball, but also find something that makes you happy.

Cocktail Classic

Classy, elegant and chic. That is what this category is all about! If you’re going somewhere a little elevated and you want to have a timeless classic look, here are some amazing options. Sometimes, you don’t need rhinestones of feathers to make you stand out, you just need a slick white dress. I’m pretty obsessed with these options!

Garden Party

If you’re having a more casual garden party rehearsal dinner, these options are perfect! Find something ruffly, or even something lace so you can feel like a fairy princess at your dinner! These are also perfect if you’re doing an earlier rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, like a brunch or an afternoon tea! Sometimes, you’d rather look elegant and magical than chic and sexy and that’s OK! This is also an awesome option of your wedding dress leans more to the sexy side, so you can show off several versions of yourself as a bride!

I hope you find the best rehearsal dinner dress for the bride! Do you have any other recommendations, tips or ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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