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Calling All Sweaty Bettys! Here’s How To Survive The Summer

summer sweat

Are you a Sweaty Betty? Don’t be shy! I am too! I was never excessively sweaty until college, so I had to learn how to manage my sweaty self quickly! Summers can be the worst in terms of sweat and stickiness. No one wants sweat stains as an accessory, so learning to deal with hot weather can be a challenge. However, along the way, some genius people created products and hacks to deal with excessive sweat throughout the day. So, manage your summer sweat and stay stylish with these tips!

Anti-Chafe Stick

Anti-chafe stick

It was a hot and sweaty day walking around Sedona with my family when my cousin passed me this product that changed my life after complaining about chafing. While thick thighs save lives, they can also be pretty annoying in the summertime – especially if you’re a sweatier person. This stick looks and is applied just like a stick of deodorant, and it’ll provide a comfortable layer of protection between your legs that reduces friction and therefore chafing. No more unnecessary pain when wearing skirts and shorts! Hallelujah!

Underarm Sweat Pads

Underarm sweat pads

Underarm sweat can be such a vibe killer. It ruins an outfit, it can be uncomfortable, and it can potentially ruin some of your favorite clothing items. Instead of just dealing with all of these downsides of underarm sweat, we can work with it! No need to layer on unhealthy amounts of extra-strength anti-perspirant. Simply tucking in these underarm sweat pads into your shirts can provide a breathable and moisture-wicking material because protecting your clothes from sweat can really make a huge difference!

Absorbing Breast Lotion

Absorbing breast lotion

Boob sweat your worst enemy? In summer, this struggle gets WAY too real. Luckily this moisture-absorbing lotion helps get rid of this problem. Using this lotion absorbs sweat so that it doesn’t transfer onto your clothes throughout the day so you can finally add fitted shirts and tanks back into your summer wardrobe!

Cooling and Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Moisture wicking underwear

Just like the underarm pads, these moisture-wicking undies help absorb your down-there sweat and keep you cool all day! I hate feeling all sweaty and swampy downstairs, so these panties are a game-changer. Go all day in the same pair and enjoy wearing leggings or shorts with the invisible seamless thong design. It’s a win all the way around.

Sweat-Reducing Melatonin

Sweat reducing melatonin

I have been dealing with THE WORST night sweats these past few months. After discovering this product, I immediately added it to my cart. I really didn’t want to add another pill to my routine to try to manage my sweat. Finding this product was meant to be! I already take melatonin to help me sleep, so the fact that this one medication can help out with both issues is awesome to me, and really helps improve sleep quality.

Eat Sweat Reducing Foods

Believe it or not, there are certain foods you can incorporate into your diet in order to help reduce your sweat. Making sure you get lots of water, hydrating produce like watermelon, pineapples, cucumbers, and celery can do a lot to make sure you’re staying hydrated and healthy. Additionally, consuming lots of olive oil is rich in antioxidants that help your digestive system function and also help reduce your sweat. To lower blood pressure and calm sweat-inducing nerves, consume lots of sweet potatoes. Another great food that helps reduce sweat is green tea! Not surprising when it has a boatload of other health benefits!

Ready to get rid of that summer sweat? What are your tips? Let us know in the comments!

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