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Here’s How To Tap Into Both Your Feminine And Masculine Energy


By now, we understand that gender roles and stereotypes are pretty dated and don’t effectively describe each individual. Each of us have feminine and masculine energies within us. One side may be stronger than another, and you possibly feel more connected to that side of you… But what about the other side? To truly get to know ourselves, we have to let ourselves express ourselves fully. If you feel disconnected to either your feminine or masculine energy, here are some things you can do to feel more connected to that side of you.

Connecting to your Feminine Side

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Is there a divine feminine side in all of us? I think so! Regardless of the gender you identify with, there are feminine and masculine energies we can tap into and explore. So, if you’re trying to connect to your feminine energy, try out one of the following exercises!


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If you’re trying to connect to your feminine side, try dancing! Let music move your body in a way that feels good. Don’t force yourself to look good or whatever, just do what feels sensual, fun and expressive. Move from areas that may have feminine energy trapped, for example your hips, chest, and fingertips. Activating and moving from these areas can release that energy and help you feel like a divine feminine goddess.

Get Creative

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Female bodies literally create life! Thus, creating something with love and creativity helps one delve into their feminine side. Whatever you love doing, go and make something! Write a story, sing a song, bake a dessert, paint a mural, whatever! Bringing an idea into existence is a strong feminine act that’s so fun to tap into, regardless of your gender.


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Ever wonder why we call it “Mother” Nature? I think it’s because our planet has such strong feminine energy in its beauty, creation powers, and how it nourishes us. If you’re looking to tap into your feminine connection to Mother Nature, try grounding exercises! For me, grounding is such a soothing process that helps you feel more connected and cherished by the world around you. Getting barefoot on bare ground can help you charge the “dawgs” (your feet) with the planet’s feminine energy and then you can go and take that with you for the rest of your day! This practice may also give you more of a sense of appreciation and love for your surroundings. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Pamper Yourself

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Remember how we said nurturing can be such a feminine activity? Why not let yourself reap those benefits? Give yourself some love by pampering your mind and body often! This helps you tap into your feminine side, and it can help you reduce stress and practice self-love! I love to pamper myself with baths and candles, face masks and self-massage, and treating myself to something cute or tasty every so often. Try out your own way to pamper yourself.

Connecting To Your Masculine Side

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Masculine energy can be described as a sense of strength, conviction, and being daring. These traits, like feminine ones, can be found within all of us, and tapping into them can help you balance yourself, and embrace different parts of your personality.

Take Risks

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One of my favorite parts of embracing my masculine energy is being daring. Taking risks and being “spontaneous” can help you bring out a more masculine side and help keep things super fun! Sometimes, we can be afraid to be bold, take risks, and make a splash. Don’t be! Within reason, of course. Have fun, and let this daring side of you run free.

Challenge Yourself

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To tap into your masculine sense of strength, challenge yourself to become stronger! This may be emotional, physical, or intellectual, but the theme of challenging yourself prevails. Push yourself to work harder and watch your abilities expand. Now, you can approach those topics and areas where you have challenged yourself with confidence.

Own Your Space

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Standing up straight and tall can help you present yourself to the world in a way you need. This strong posture can help you feel more connected to your masculine side because you are showing your strength and confidence in the way you carry yourself. Moving with intention and taking up the space that you occupy are other ways you can tune your body into your masculine energy.

How do you tap into your feminine or masculine energy? Let us know in the comments!

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