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5 Things Fans Are Still Wanting After The What We Do In The Shadows Premiere

what we do in the shadows premiere

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“What We Do in the Shadows” is back. After a heart wrenching cliffhanger in season three, many fans have been waiting for the show to drop on Hulu on July 13. Now that it’s out and being released weekly on FX and the next day on Hulu, fans are clamoring for more. I have gone too long without Lazlo’s dirty jokes, Nadja’s antics and Guillermo’s… overall Guillermo-ness. The “What We Do in the Shadows” premiere has been anticipated by many.  Here is a list for those watching it as quickly as a vampire can say “bat” and those saving the episodes for a special occasion — but the following may contain minor spoilers. So, make like normal human bartender Jackie Daytona and the local volleyball team and come together — it’s time to see if what you’re dying for in season 4 is on my list.

Lazlo and Baby Colin Robinson

This was the weirdest thing to come out of Season 3 Episode 10: The Portrait. And that’s saying a lot. Lazlo was the first one to discover that Colin Robinson did not die necessarily. He was reborn as a baby version of himself. Is Lazlo turning an energy vampire into an interesting person even possible? Are we going to get to see adult Colin Robinson or is this weird child going to haunt the season? I certainly never saw Lazlo using the term daddy — not in this sense anyway. If you haven’t seen “the boy” yet, be warned, they’ve kept actor Mark Proksch on by having his face edited onto a toddler’s body.

How Nadja reacted to Lazlo’s trickery

I was so eager to see Nadja’s reaction when she got to London and sees it was Guillermo in the box beside her. However, if that’s what you were also hoping/hoped for, I’ve got bad news for you. The first couple of seconds of the first episode will reveal that there’s been — ta-da— a time skip. I’m not the biggest fan of this TV technique because it sucks all of the drama out of the first few episodes and leaves it feeling anti-climatic. I did want to see what happens when poor Guillermo unearths himself, which they did show (by shipping him back in a different box). It seems like all will continue on as “normal.”

Nadja’s club and the Vampiric Council

“Nadja’s” the nightclub as shown in bright red lights in the trailer has to be a hit right? It’s really putting a new spin on “eat the rich.” And it seems as if Kristen Schal’s character as The Guide is here to stay. According to Polygon, Nadja has taken Vampiric Council Chambers and converted it into a nightclub for vampires. It looks like she has control and is putting her own spin on the council in Staten Island. I was expecting a lot more to come from the time in London, but this show moves fast.

The Shenanigans

Setting aside all of the plot points we have been waiting for, I really want to get back into the shenanigans of the show itself. “What We Do in the Shadows” is bat shit crazy and I love it. I want to see Guillermo in action as a vampire hunter (or maybe as a vampire). The show has the best one-liners and dirty humor I’ve seen. The raccoons spread throughout the house now and just a genie being plopped into our laps is enough to hold me over for now.

Guillermo and Nandor

Finally, I need to know more about what happened when Nandor left and Guillermo couldn’t see him. But knowing this show, they throw us one bone and that’s all we get. All of the characters are together now, but how are the dynamics shifting. It seems like Nandor won’t actually settle on a wife — but Guillermo might have a boyfriend. Is the show going to let us take a step only to knock the wind out of this ship? I say all the time that I don’t need Nandor and Guillermo to end up together, I just want Guillermo to be happy. But will he get what he wants by the end of this season? Variety says FX has renewed the show for seasons 5 and 6. Will the high jinx resume or will we be satisfied?

Did you tune into the What We Do In The Shadows premiere? What are you looking forward to this season? Let us know in the comments!

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