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5 Etsy Unique Engagement Rings & Stones For Your Unique Lover

etsy unique engagement rings

If you’re thinking about proposing to your significant other any time soon, I have some really exciting news. Gone are the days when engagement rings all looked the same. In fact, if you haven’t checked out Etsy to see all of the incredible handmade unique rings (and super unique stones) out there, you’re missing out. Close out of those Kay and Jared tabs and instead, let’s browse some Etsy shops to find something just as unique and special as your loved one. Here are some of my favorite ​​Etsy unique engagement rings.

Moss Agate

etsy unique engagement rings

When it comes to unique stones, moss agate is one of my favorite options. If your loved one has a soft spot for the color green, all things woodsy and is a nature lover, this will be perfect for them. If you’re interested in the meaning of the stone, moss agate is said to encourage positive and happy new beginnings. What’s better than that for an engagement? Another bonus is that moss agate rings are rather inexpensive with such a classy and gorgeous look.

Blue Sandstone

etsy unique engagement rings

Have a partner who is obsessed with space and galaxy? Especially if you’re partner has more of a darker and edgy style, this is one of the coolest options for them! Gazing into blue sandstone is like gazing straight into the night sky. There are so many different styles that incorporate blue sandstone, so you can really go for something dark and edgy or pair it with some light stones to make it more of a feminine piece. Similar to moss agate, blue sandstone symbolizes successful new beginnings (just like the beginning of your marriage!)

Salt and Pepper Diamond

etsy unique engagement rings

While a tad more pricey because it is a type of diamond, salt and pepper diamonds are a cool way to take a classic (and classy) ring and give it some flare. Personally, I’m obsessed with the gray diamond look with all of the little black specs throughout it. Each one is so unique and I think it looks amazing paired with a rose gold band. Maybe I’m a little biased, since my ring has a salt and pepper diamond, but aren’t these so cool?! Salt and pepper diamonds are super unique – just like your loved one, and while the salt and pepper flecks are technically “flaws” it might be a lovely reminder to look past all the bumps in the road to see the beauty in your relationship.

Green Sapphire

etsy unique engagement rings

Did you know that sapphires come in other colors besides blue?! Personally, I feel like the green sapphire is one of the least abrasive versions. Instead of having that uber false look like some sapphires do, this stone is really unique and cool! Another green option, but this one is a lot more pigmented than the green moss agate previously mentioned. Have a lover who is obsessed with dark green? Add to cart! Green sapphire represents tranquility and calmness, so maybe it will bring you and your loved one some clarity later down the road.


etsy unique engagement rings

Have a significant other who is light and airy? Maybe bubbly, filled with love and you’d describe them as sunshine? Opals are perfect for that. Opals are a bright white with a rainbow holographic sheen to them! Opal is also the October birthstone, so if your soon-to-be fiancé was born in the fall, it might be a fun homage. An opal represents faithfulness and confidence, which are two really important traits in taking on this next step.

What are your favorite ​​Etsy unique engagement rings? Let us know what awesome stones we missed in the comment section below!

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