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Period Panties Thinx Review – I Used Thinx For Six Months Straight

period panties Thinx review

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. In the past few years, period panties have become all the rage. I was so excited to try them for a few reasons: 1. They are environmentally friendly & reusable – unlike the single-use pads and tampons otherwise offered to us in the menstruation world. 2. I personally have a pretty light flow. I’m one of the lucky ones and I typically exclusively use pads, which I was getting really sick of. Because of this, I hopped onto Amazon and bought Thinx period panties in “Super” absorbent, their highest absorbency and began testing them out. Now that I have used them for six months straight, I have so many thoughts and warnings for you. Here is my period panties Thinx review.

Six Months of Thinx

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After my very first use of these period panties, I had thought my life had changed forever. The absorbency was incredible and I honestly didn’t even feel like I was wearing a pad. My underwear felt dry and I could do anything I wanted to do. It felt incredible, empowering and so, so very exciting. During this first period, I was ready to shout from the rooftops that Thinx was the Holy Grail and that I would never, ever again use single-use period products. That was until period number 2.

For my second period using Thinx, I was almost even looking forward to my period. How exciting it would be to slip on these bad boys and not even have to worry about a thing. Mind you, as I mentioned, I have always had a relatively light flow, with only my second day even being “heavy” (and even then, it barely compares to other people’s). So, when I used them for period #2, I started noticing that they were already not as foolproof as my first run-through. Although not a bad experience, I definitely did notice more of a mess this time around. And, to be fair, I blamed that on the fact that I went to work out in them. Unlike my first month, this time I wore them to a high-intensity spin class and left feeling horribly damp and drenched with sweat. The material is definitely not comfortable for working out in – chafing galore. So, I chalked up month 2 as a failure because of user error – no more spin class with my Thinx, got it.

For month three, knowing I’d be skipping out on my spin classes, I was ready to give it another try. If I’m being 100% transparent, I accidentally dried by Thinx in the dryer before this month. Luckily, on their website, it said that doing this a few times wouldn’t harm them or mess with their absorbency – as long as you don’t make it a habit. So, going in, the third month was not too bad. Just as the month before, they weren’t as absorbent as they were in the beginning but they weren’t bad. This was a pretty light month for me, so I skated by and was happy with my Thinx once again.

For month four, I noticed the absorbency quality go down even more. It seemed that after every wash, they got less and less reliable. Month four didn’t have any leaks, but I noticed that there was more spilling off onto my inner thighs. With the use of wings on pads, this can be avoided. Though, with only the use of my Thinx, my inner thighs were getting wet, which was no fun. Overall, not the worst experience but definitely was less comfortable than using a pad.

Finally, in month five, things really started going downhill. After washing and air drying them (except that one fatal dryer mishap) 5 times, the quality seemed to really be gone. This time around, the absorbency was that of a single tissue. Instead of feeling dry, the blood sat on top and seemed to get everywhere. When it did finally feel dry, the inside of the panties no longer felt soft – they were really rough and began chafing my inner thighs. Walking around in these felt horrible, and like always, my period wasn’t even that heavy. After using these for my fifth period, I was pretty irritated and disappointed.

Then came period #6, which was just last week. This was the worst use of Thinx yet. Just like #5, they felt wet for most of my period, and when they didn’t, the material felt rough and harsh. I chafed, it was uncomfortable to walk and get around, and… they leaked. A lot. On my brand new light blue jean shorts. This was the first time they had ever leaked, and I really wasn’t expecting it, so I wore my new light wash jean shorts and really regretted it. It’s hard to imagine the happiness I felt after using them the first time because now, it seemed a lot closer to just wearing a normal pair of underwear. I will not be wearing these Thinx anymore for my full periods.


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Even on the highest absorbancy level, these panties can only do so much. I was really hoping that they would change my life, but I think they’ll just have to be back up to other options for now. I would HIGHLY recommend using Thinx while you sleep at night, or even for the starts and ends of your period. However, I would not recommend trying to wear them for your entire period. Instead, if you’re looking for a more sustainable option, read this article for some information on menstrual cups. I am not bashing on period panties or even Thinx as a brand, I think these are a really useful tool for your period and a great way to eliminate (at least some) waste, I just don’t think they are the end all be all. Even if you have a light flow, only wear these bad boys for one or two days (MAX).

What is your period panties Thinx review? Did you have a different experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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