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5 Games That Are Like Cards Against Humanity To Spice Up Your Game Night

Games That Are Like Cards Against Humanity

Throwing a game night for my group of friends is honestly my favorite way to spend a Friday night. After graduating from college, it’s been a while since I’ve craved a crazy college party. But, as a Zillennial, I also feel a little too young to be having fancy dinner parties. There has to be a fun in-between, right? A way to spend time with your besties, drink a little but not have to worry about a raging hangover? Game night! But you can only play the same few games over and over before they get boring, so I’ve been doing the research. Here are 5 games that are like Cards Against Humanity, that are quick, witty and fun to play with a group of friends.

Red Flags

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In Red Flags, everyone is trying to come up with the perfect date for someone in your group. Everyone picks out two white cards which have positive aspects of a potential date match, like “Amazing listener,” or “Famous artist.” And then everyone passes on a horrible red card to the person next to them. These red cards have glaring red flags like “Always dresses like a clown,” or even as bad as “Is related to you.” Basically, with these three cards, you have to pitch this person to your friend, hoping they’ll choose your person for a first date. Like, yeah, they dress like a clown but what would that even matter if they were an amazing listener?!


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F**K The Game is pretty raunchy, so take this as a warning. Basically, this hilarious card game plays off of mind tricks and color illusion. Basically, there are certain rules in place, meaning you can’t always read the words on the card. If the word on the card is red and the background is blue, the game tricks you into saying the wrong one. Mix in some curse words and try to go as fast as possible. Basically, your friend group will be shouting profanities, laughing and f**king up your turns all night.

Telestrations (or Telestrations After Dark)

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We all know the game Telephone, where you whisper a phrase and it gets weirder and weirder as it goes along. Well, Telestrations of that game where you draw out a phrase. And in the “after dark” version, the phrases are inappropriate and crazy. For example, if you get the phrase “booty call,” you draw it out and pass it to the next person who has to guess what your drawing is. Then, they pass their guess to the next person who now has to draw that, and so on. By the end, you have a hilarious progression of whatever your word became. Take a turn presenting your drawings, sip a drink and laugh away.

Just One

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In this game, you’re trying to help someone in your group guess a certain word. But in order to do so, you can only write down one word. JUST ONE. And if anyone else in the group wrote down the same word, they cancel out. So, basically, you have to think of really unique clues that will help your friend come up with the word they were assigned. It’s all about silent teamwork and creativity. Think you can do it?


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While this is actually a card game now, you don’t even actually need it to play. Warning: This game is not for the weak. If you, or any of your friends, get offended easily, don’t play this. You’ll burn bridges. Basically in this game, you’re asked a question that no one else can hear like “who do you think is the dumbest person here?” Then, you decided who you will point to. That person and you have to put a number 1-5 on your forehead on the count of three. If you put the same number on your head, you have to tell them what the question is. It’s spicy, it’s crazy and it’s a little fun to stir up some drama.

What other games do you play at your game nights? Any games that are like Cards Against Humanity that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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