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Jessica Baker Just Launched The Hair Tailor – Read Her Q&A Here

Jessica Baker

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Q: Tell us your story! Where did you begin and how did you reach the caliber you’re currently at?

A: Growing up, I did not come from a “rich” background; but that didn’t mean we were poor. My parents would teach my siblings and I that quality outweighs quantity. I am the oldest of four, it was an obligation of mine to set the bar and lead by example. I remember a time that I asked my parents for $250 to get my hair done; installation, extensions, etc. and it was a hard, “NO!” They worked hard to be able to afford tuition bills for my siblings and I, which was a priority. At that point, I began to teach myself how to create the hairstyles I wanted. The way I could really transform my look from “basic” to “glam” became my passion for hair!

Q: What makes you love what you do? How long have you been working in the beauty industry? Would you call it your passion?

A: I have been in the beauty industry for a decade now. I absolutely love what I do, empowering women to be their best selves in their own skin! I am passionate about self-care which is self-love! Your appearance is your self-expression and your hair is a HUGE part of that. You know the saying, “when you look good, you feel good” and that is my superpower. My aspiration is to empower women all across the country.


Here’s a lil peek inside 🙈 we had so much fun! S/o to the team! We work hard and play harder 😜🤟🏽 @ellzeytv & @kd.publicrelations on IG • • • #shootdays📷 #bosshair #womenpreneur #womenphotography #womenphotographers #girlbosshustle #girlbosslifestyle

♬ original sound – The Hair Tailor

Q: What are some accomplishments or milestones you’ve reached lately?

A: September 1, 2022 was the official launch of The Hair Tailor! This has been my biggest accomplishment thus far. It definitely took a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and shedded tears, but I persevered. I am thankful for all of the support from my friends and family during this time. This is a start to my legacy and I’m very proud of myself.

Q: Tell us about The Hair Tailor!

A: The Hair Tailor is a luxury hair brand based in the Metropolitan Phoenix Area. We provide Raw Indian straight bundles, closures, and frontals from our Seamless Collection. By implementing uniqueness, we assist in tailoring your signature hairstyle that makes you feel your best and most authentic self.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is starting out in the beauty industry?

A: If you’re looking for a sign to get into the beauty industry, this is it! No, the industry isn’t oversaturated; if it’s your passion, do it! There is a great wealth of knowledge and resources in the beauty/wellness industry; I advise anyone to take advantage and learn. Learn from people who are willing to share their “come up story,” those are the people who have been a thriving force within this community.

Q: What do you want our readers to know about you and your business?

A: We are building a community! A community that focuses on beauty/wellness and women empowerment.

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