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What To Put Hot Honey On – 5 Recipes For You To Try

what to put hot honey on

One night, I was out on the town with my girlfriends. We went to a restaurant downtown, and my friend looked at me and said “we have to get the hot honey pizza.” I was perplexed and intrigued, as I have never had any honey on pizza, let alone the spicy kind. But I trusted her judgment, bit into the pepperoni pizza and my life was changed forever. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with it. It’s a pillar of my food chain and I truly don’t enjoy pizza (among other things) anymore without a drizzle of it. So, if you’re getting into it and wondering what to put hot honey on, you’ve come to the right place.


The #1 hot honey recipe I’d recommend is obviously pizza. I’ve tried putting it on so many different types of pizza and it basically works on anything. With pepperonis, especially the small ones that cup, it is a burst of flavor. Personally, my favorite way to eat hot honey is on a white pizza – specifically one with mozzarella, ricotta and feta. It really balances out the flavor of white cheese, alfredo sauce, pesto and garlic. If you want to make your own pizza at home, I’d recommend this recipe. If you’d rather go out, I’d recommend going to a build-your-own pizza place like MOD, Your Pie, Blaze or Fired Pie. These places usually have it on the menu as a sauce option which they can drizzle on your pizza before or after (or both) they bake your pie!

Avocado Toast

Mix up your morning with hot honey avocado toast! If you like to have a spicy breakfast and typically use red paper flakes or sriracha in your recipes, I’d highly recommend trying this instead. My favorite part about hot honey is the way it incorporates sweet and spicy flavors together – which would pair beautifully with some avocado on sourdough, in my opinion.

Chicken Sandwich

Even Wendy’s is hopping on the trend with their new Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich that has pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon and crunchy dill chips on it. Besides this, I would highly recommend making yourself one at home. This TikToker used a frozen chicken breast and mixed hot honey and buffalo sauce to make a beautifully marinated chicken sandwich.

Shrimp Marinade

Lately, I’ve been looking for a new shrimp recipe to try out… so why not incorporate my fave ingredient? This easy recipe makes a marinade for your shrimp using hot honey, which I think will taste absolutely incredible. Simple recipes like this make it so easy to whip up something decadent and delicious in no time at all. Would you try this shrimp marinade?

Charcuterie Board/Bruschetta Board


Hot honey charcuterie board! Best enjoyed while sipping wine and listening to @Aly and AJ on vinyl 💃 #cheese #charcuterie #food

♬ Don’t Need Nothing – Aly & AJ

One of the best combinations ever is brie and hot honey. Combine those, along with other incredible cheese and meats in a charcuterie board or bruschetta board. Honestly, some charcuterie boards, in my opinion, are missing a little spice and I think adding this ingredient can really help with that!

Still trying to figure out what to put hot honey on? Let us know what you think it is best on in the comment section below!

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