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Late Summer Flower Picking? 10 Flowers In The Hair Hairstyles To Try

flowers in the hair

Alright, it’s late summer. You know what that means? That’s right, wildflowers galore. I never know what to do with the wildflowers I pick up on my hikes, walks, skates, etc. But, I can also never really resist taking a few for myself. If you aren’t trying to carry your flowers around, and you’re ready to make the absolutely gorgeous fashion statement that is wearing flowers in your hair, keep on reading. In this article, I’ve gathered some of the best hairstyle ideas for putting flowers in the hair. Angelic? Yes. Fairy-Princess-esque? Of course. Are you about to be the girl The Lumineers sing about? For sure. Let’s get into the hairstyles.

The Flower Crown

We all know about this one – and we love it! Flower crowns are truly a classic option, and don’t require you to do your hair, really at all. The hardest thing about flower crowns, though, is they’re hard to assemble yourself. There are several guides online that show you how to make one that will actually withstand wear, however, many opt for just buying theirs. Whether fresh or fake, flower crowns come in insane varieties, so there’s bound to be one you’ll fall in love with.

Front Braid Flowers

This summery fairy-esque hairstyle blew up over the past few years, and I’m not mad about it! I always love framing my face with a few strands, however, the braids took the look to the next level, adding texture and personality! What’s better than that? Oh yeah, throwing some flowers into the mix. The braids in this style are perfect for sliding flower stems into so that they stay in your hair. The smaller the flowers you use, the more manageable this look will likely be to wear out.

Put it in a Bun

And you CAN put it in a bun! Tying your hair up and out of the way is not only a great way to stay cool when traipsing around a field of wildflowers, the bun also makes for a perfect flower holder in your hair. How cute! Go big or keep it minimal, either way, a solid topknot is the perfect flower hairstyle.

Floating in Waves

If you have wavy hair, or the ability to make your hair wavy, the slight bit of texture can be enough to hold onto the littlest, lightest flowers, and it’s oh-so gorgeous! This look gives me princess vibes up the wazoo, so consider pairing this hairstyle with a long flowy dress to complete the feel.

Laced in Locks

This flowery hair style is similar to the last one, in that you’re just placing the flowers throughout your hair when it’s done, but this look decs out dreadlocks by tucking the stems of the flower into the locks and using the texture of the dreads to hang onto the flowers. Because this hairstyle works so well for people with very textured hair, it really lets you add whatever kind of flowers you want. Chances are, this style will hold onto those gorgeous flowers all day long! How etherial!

Double Braid Deco

Double braids have always been my go-to when I want my hair up and out of the way– regardless of its length. Like with the front braids, the weaving of your double braids will create nice little pockets for you to slide your flower stems right on in! Smaller flowers will likely hold better with this style, but you can certainly take more liberties than if you were doing the front double braid style.


This look is a classic for a reason! It’s gorgeous, a great way to keep some hair out of your face, and a beautiful way to bring attention to your face. With its polynesian influence, this way to wear flowers is long trusted-and true– and regardless of length or texture, there’s a way to style it for you!

Grow in the ‘Fro

This is by far my favorite way I’ve seen flowers styled in hair. It is so beautiful and the possibilities are truly endless. If you can sport an afro, sliding flower stems into your curls is a great way to hold onto the flowers. Depending on your hair’s thickness and texture, different flowers may work better in your hair, though you can really play around with the amount of flowers you put in. Whether they’re spotted about or full-out, this hairstyle gives the gorgeous illusion that flowers are growing right out of your head! What’s cuter than that?

Half-Up Halo

This ‘do works best when you braid your hair back and join the pieces together in a halo-esque way. This way, there’s a horizontally placed braid ready for whatever flowers you want to place into it! Again, the kind of flowers you have in your hair depends on the texture of your hair and what it can hold, however, the braid is a great jumping-off point for any hair texture to put flowers into.

Speckled in One Braid

This style is such a beautiful option, especially if you have long, thick hair that can manage being in a loose, messy braid. Ugh! The boho vibes are so good with this style, and honestly, the dirtier your hair, the better the messy look of this braid will look! Just remember to use dry shampoo if your roots get oily (like mine!) and you’ll be on your way frolicing in a field of flowers in no time!

Which of these hairstyles for flowers in the hair did you like best? What will you try? Let us know in the comments!

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