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What Are My Big Three? Understanding Astrology And Your Star Chart

what is my big three

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Have you ever been on a date with someone where they have asked, “What’s your sign?” or been introduced to a new friend where they ask all about your big three in astrology? If you have been asked this and did not have any clue on what to say, you are not alone. 

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Often when it comes to asking someone for their zodiac sign, we use it as a way to see how compatible we are with one another. Knowing someone else’s sign could potentially explain why you detest one another, or why you feel like you instantly click with each other. Even on dating apps, many users will often put their zodiac signs in their bios and even that might give us a slight indication of who they are as a person and whether or not you want to swipe right on them.

In other cases, we use our knowledge of zodiac signs to read our horoscopes and seek advice on our love life, professional careers and predictions for the future.

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Learning about your sun, rising and moon signs, and even going further into your star chart can be such a fun experience. Whether you are deeply invested in astrology and its influence on fortune and tarot divination or just want to see if you and another person are compatible, astrology can provide insight into who you are and show you how the universe created something so intricate and unique as yourself.

A Brief History Of Astrology And The Creation of Zodiacs

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Astrology, the study of the interaction between the planets and celestial bodies in space and humans has been around in many cultures for centuries. These astrological practices were first used to predict the future when it came to the weather and the seasons and to communicate with the celestial Gods that were among the stars and planets.

The Sumerians in Mesopotamia were the first to record the movement of the planets and the stars and the first to record constellations and patterns. Around 3000 B.C.E, the Babylonians created the first zodiac wheel corresponding to the 12 months of the year. Each wheel contained a unique animal to identify the piece (for example, Aries = sheep, Cancer = crab, etc). It spread to Ancient Greece, Rome and eventually Central and Western Europe.

And even further, Hindu, Chinese and Mayan cultures developed systems for these celestial observations and integrated many parts of the zodiac into their culture. For example, the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The Chinese zodiac attaches animal signs to each lunar year and follows a 12-year cycle used in the same sequence based on the astronomical observations of the sun and the moon’s phases – which is why each Lunar New Year, a different animal is celebrated each time.

Throughout most of the history of astrology, it’s often been tied with astronomy, alchemy, meteorology and even medicine. But since there is no actual scientific proof of any clear and definite relationship between humans and the celestial bodies in space, astrology is considered to be a type of pseudoscience.

Nonetheless, with its reemergence in the mid-20th century with newspapers publishing horoscope columns and up till now with astrology apps dedicated to serving guidance and advice for us, zodiacs and astrology provide an almost astronomical and emotional reassurance that everything we do and everything we are is uniquely “written in the stars.”

What Are My Big Three?

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Before you dive into your star chart, it is important to have some information about yourself for your star chart and signs to be accurate. That information includes your birthday, birth time, and where you were born. Your chart or as some call it, a natal chart, is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth and it shows how the stars aligned at the exact point – which is why every person has a unique “big three” made for you!

And if you are looking for a website or app to put all your information together to create your chart, the app Co–Star does a fantastic job at not only designing your chart but explaining each sign and level of the houses so incredibly well. Also if your friends decide to download the app as well, you and your friends can see and compare each other’s charts directly on the app. I literally couldn’t recommend it enough!

What Does Your “Big Three” Actually Mean

Your “big three” placements are categorized as such: your rising/ascendant, sun and moon. These three essentials describe the different parts of you and form the entirety of your personality.

The Rising/Ascendant

Your rising sign is determined based on the time of your birth, so accuracy is key to understanding this! Among all the signs, this one shifts signs every 2-3 hours, changing constantly throughout the day.

Our rising sign is considered to be “the mask” we use to show ourselves to the world around us and how we want others to see us. It’s a “first impression” type of sign. Additionally, it determines what experiences and energies make your life meaningful and fulfilling.

For example, Leo risings are seen as very energetic, confident and incredibly outgoing. They value and seek fun, passion and creativity. However, they can be very theatrical and become the spotlight for attention very easily. Whereas those with Sagittarius rising tend to be risk-takers, freedom-lovers and optimistic. They value freedom immensely and seek adventure in any chance they get.

The Sun

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Your sun sign is based on the position of the sun in the sky when you were born.

The sun sign is what you usually call your “main” zodiac sign at first. It’s usually the first one mentioned in a conversation. Your sun sign describes who you are fundamentally, determines your ego and is the absolute core of your identity.

For example, Libra suns usually value fairness and justice and see themselves as peace-driven individuals, whereas Aquarius suns value practicality, knowledge and communication. However, this doesn’t mean that either sun lacks or doesn’t value those specific traits– it just means that they are more commonly associated with another set of people. These traits will help you in embracing your most authentic self.

The Moon

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The moon sign is based on the position of the moon in the sky at the time of your birth. The moon moves quickly (but not as quickly as the rising sign) through the zodiac and shifts every 2 to 2.5 days.

Personally, the moon sign is my favorite type of sign. It is the most vulnerable of the three and often represents a part of ourselves that we can’t express fully all the time. It’s an incredibly intuitive, deep and soulful sign. It describes your emotional intelligence, what you really think and feel and who you already are.

For example, Cancer moons are strongly driven by emotion and value emotional intimacy, empathy and emotional security. With that being said, they can be incredibly emotional and sensitive at times. Whereas those with a Taurus moon are driven by a longing for security and comfort. They value patience, reasoning and looking at the bigger picture – but this can lead Taurus moons to miss out on the fun and exciting moments, and a lack of risk-taking.

Why Does This Matter Anyways?

While astrology is a pseudoscience that has no scientific proof or validity, it can still serve as a tool for self-guidance and give us more insight into our actual life purpose that facts and knowledge can’t suffice.

And it makes for a great conversation starter if you are just getting to know someone! But just a tiny disclaimer, as fun as it is to learn the star charts of others, you don’t need to base who you interact with on it. Especially because many times, a person’s zodiac sign may not align with their personality quite right, which is why learning star charts are all in good fun and should not be taken too seriously.

Knowing your “big three” helps you gain a more cohesive and complete picture of how you feel right now, who you are to others and yourself and who you might want to be in the future. As well as this, the thought that different combinations of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies literally designed me and made me who I am right at birth sounds pretty amazing – just thinking about us all being made of all these little galaxies and stars particles is just the coolest.

So the next time someone asks you’re wondering “what are my big three?” or you go on a first date with someone and they want to know your zodiac signs, now you’ll have the answers you need and you can leave the future of the interaction up to the stars.

What do you think about your “big three” and star chart? Do you think they are accurate or incredibly far-fetched? Let us know in the comments below!

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