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6 Sustainable Affordable Jewelry Shops That Focus On The Environment & Style

sustainable affordable jewelry

Are you the kind of person who feels naked without your accessories? Me too. With my fourteen ear piercings, luckily I have some jewelry on me at all times, but I like to mix it up with everything that isn’t a sleeper. Having a variety of jewelry at the ready can be expensive, and even though we want something cute and fun to match our every outfit, we aren’t willing to break the bank, right? Well, if you’re like me, you’ve turned to fast fashion in the past. And while I do my best to be a more educated and responsible shopper, it can often seem like there’s no solution. Well, in honor of all my fast-fashion jewelry breaking, bending, fading, or just getting tangled beyond repair, I’ve looked into some great places to find sustainable affordable jewelry! Here they are:

Etsy, duh!

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Ok, I figured I’d get this obvious option out of the way. If you aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace where small businesses can sell their products online. This way, shoppers worldwide can shop and support these sellers. It’s just as convenient as your favorite online fast-fashion store, but way better! Because it’s such a vast marketplace, there really is something for every style on Etsy, but I especially love that on Etsy, so many sellers are making your items to order. This means you can sometimes have the opportunity to personalize your jewelry (or whatever else you buy). This necklace by NisPersonalized is awesome and customizable to your liking– it’s giving major Carrie from Sex in the City vibes, and I absolutely love it.

Ink + Alloy

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This women-owned online jewelry shop is a must-see! Most of their pieces are under $30 and everything is absolutely gorgeous! Ink + Alloy has lots of metal jewelry like the adorable earrings pictured above, but they also have some pretty impressive beaded jewelry that should not be ignored. I think everything I saw on this site was chic and timeless, as well as elegant yet fun and playful. And if you think that’s the best part, think again! All of the brass used to make the Ink + Alloy jewelry is upcycled!

Desert Strandz

This handmade jewelry store is not only an online shop but also proudly sells jewelry at pop-ups across the Phoenix area. I also think all the pieces Desert Strandz has are so cute and are great for layering, or styling with anything, really! Some of the pieces are more casual than others, so whatever your vibe, there’s a chance you’ll find something you like from this jewelry seller. Supporting a small business means supporting the families of those businesses, and I love that this Gilbert, AZ mom is making cute and affordable jewelry despite having other jobs and responsibilities. We, accessory lovers, bow down to this kind of dedication.

Seyana Jewelry

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Ok, so yes the little island girl in me absolutely loves jewelry with oceanic elements and inspirations. This jewelry maker out of Hawaii handmakes some gorgeous pieces that could easily be disguised as luxury jewelry, but the prices definitely aren’t reflective of that. For mid-range jewelry prices, you get quality handmade pieces made right here in the U.S. Seyana Jewelry’s gorgeous use of stones and metal really gives off an elegance that a lot of us Zillennials are seeking without being boring– I mean, we’re growing up, but we’re in our 20s for goodness sake. Also, another small business to support! Woohoo!

Native Fox

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I LOVE this Instagram shop. If you want some beadwork in your jewelry collection, this is the place to go! Native Fox designs not only incorporate a lot of native American beadwork styles, but they also have a fun, funky, modern feel to them that I absolutely adore. This Instagram jeweler definitely isn’t afraid of getting creative with the jewelry, and I love it!

Teddy Taylor

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This shop’s motto is “We pledge to help you base your jewelry decisions on education and not impulse,” which I think so coherently sums up the point of shopping at small, sustainable businesses for your jewelry instead of impulse-buying on fast-fashion sites. It’s easy to turn to fast fashion when your budget is pretty low, but luckily shops like Teddy Taylor have just what you’re looking for without making your wallet cry. Oh, yeah, also all of the braided, woven, and beaded jewelry featured on this site is so, so cute and fun! I absolutely love it!

So, which of these sustainable affordable jewelry shops fits your style most? Ready to ditch fast fashion? Let us know in the comments!

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