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What is TikTok Now? A TikTok BeReal Feature Is Beginning To Roll Out

what is tiktok now

As we’ve mentioned on our website many times – BeReal is the new hot app to compete with. It’s fast, fun, straight to the point and focuses on authenticity. It’s become super popular within the last few months, and other social media platforms are obviously sweating it. Just this past week, the major social media app TikTok has released its response, a feature they call “TikTok Now.” But what is TikTok Now? How do you access the TikTok Now feature? Let’s dive in.

What Is TikTok Now?

This brand new TikTok feature is basically an exact replica of the app BeReal. In the exact same way, it notifies users at a certain time of day, in which they only have three minutes to snap a photo (using the front and back camera). The layout looks exactly the same, the mechanics are exactly the same… all they did was change the name. From what I can see, there is absolutely nothing unique added to this feature that can’t already be found on BeReal, beyond being able to post 10-second videos instead of static photos. One thing it offers is convenience to users since it is available within the TikTok app which millions of users scroll through each day.

How Do You Get TikTok Now?

For now, only select users have the TikTok Now feature. It’s being slowly rolled out on updates among its users, possible so the app can gauge its popularity and how well it works. When you have access to the TikTok Now feature, it will appear along the bottom bar of the screen, in between the “Home” option and the center + option. This feature will replace the “Friends” tab which was not well received by TikTok users. Much like BeReal, you will receive a notification every day at a random time, after you have agreed to participate in TikTok Now.


While BeReal hasn’t made a statement of any sort, they have commented on the TikTok video above, with a “:(“ sad face. Personally, I think the feature is going to have major backlash from BeReal fans, some of which who have been using BeReal since it was launched in 2020. I also wonder about the legal ramification this has and if BeReal will be able to take action. I’m eager to see where this goes and how many users stay true to the BeReal app, and how many people will be eager to try out the TikTok now feature.

Do you think this feature is any different than BeReal? Will you be using it? Let us know what you think about this feature in the comments below!

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