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Struggling with Body Odor? Tips and Tricks to Help Boost Your Confidence

remedies for body odor

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We’ve all been there: when you’re out, whether it’s at the bar, in class, or even just in your
room, and you smell a whiff of B.O. You panic and immediately realize that it’s you. Obviously,
you get self conscious and wonder if others have noticed. Thoughts start to immediately flood
your mind — did I put on deodorant? Should I have put on more perfume? I literally just
showered this morning… why is this happening?

I’ve accepted that sometimes, it’s just going to happen. And there’s no need to worry because it
happens to everyone. So just remember, you’re not alone, and there are plenty of remedies for
body odor.

Okay, it all starts in the shower

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To really make sure we smell good every day, it’s important to start in the shower. Now, I know a lot of us out there don’t wash our hair every day. Although this can be great for our hair, not showering isn’t okay for our bodies. Every day bacteria and toxins sit on our skin and are released when we sweat. Our sweat is actually odorless, but when it comes in contact with the bacteria, it produces a smell. 

Washing with soap and warm water every day helps to remove and kill the bacteria and toxins. And if normal soap doesn’t seem to do the trick, you can always use antibacterial soap. But, if you decide to do this, be careful. Antibacterial soap can be too harsh and sometimes strip the skin. Instead, try to find one that is gentle and moisturizing like Dove or Botanic Hearth. So even if we are skipping hair wash days, we still need to wash our bodies every day. So invest in a shower cap and get to washing.

A charcoal bar may be the answer to your problems

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Before you jump in the shower, there is one product that you absolutely need to start smelling better: a detoxifying charcoal underarm bar. I recently discovered this product and now have found myself reaching for it every day. I am currently using Megababe’s Space Bar, and it works wonders for my armpits. You just scrub your underarms with it, and let it sit for a minute before rinsing it off!

The activated charcoal draws out toxins and odor-causing bacteria and then the sodium chloride helps to elimate them. My favorite part is that it also has glycolic acid that helps to lightly exfoliate. That helps to remove deodorant build up that clogs pores and can disrupt and inflame the skin barrier, which was one of my biggest issues. Before I found the charcoal bar, it seemed that no matter how hard I scrubbed or how much deordoant I used, I could never maintain that fresh smell, no matter the brand. Even though I felt like my deodorant would come off throughout the day, I struggled to remove it in the shower. 

Because of this, the charcoal bar seemed to solve all of my problems, as it was the perfect way to clean my underarm and prep for deodorant. Ever since, it’s been my go-to!

Find the right deodorant

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It can be a struggle to find a deodorant that works for your body type and lasts while you’re on the go throughout the day. Maybe you have tried tons of different types: men’s deodorant, women’s deodorant, antiperspirants, natural deodorant or maybe just not using any at all. Inspite of all your efforts, you still can’t seem to find the right solution. Your answer might be clinical strength deodorant and antiperspirants. Options like Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant, Carpe Underarm Antiperspirant and Secret Antiperspirant Clinical Strength Deodorant are perfect for helping to control sweat and protect against odor.

Make your perfume and cologne last

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Spraying yourself with perfume or cologne before you go out for the day is always the perfect touch to making you smell better. However, making the perfume last throughout the day is never easy. If you want your perfume to stay and help to control the body odor, there are a few things you can try.

Make sure you spray on our pulse points, such as the insides of your wrists and elbows, behind your ears, on your neck and the back of your knees. The skin on these parts of your body are the thinnest which makes it easier for the fragrance to warm because it’s close to your blood and body heat. Once you put it on make sure not to rub your wrists or the other parts of your body where you sprayed your perfume or you’ll rub off the first layer. Doing so makes the perfume disappear quickly.

Spraying your fragrance after you shower will also help make it last. Don’t do it when you’re still dripping wet. But spray yourself after you dry off and lotion your body. This is when your pores are open, and your body temperature is still elevated. Your body is also the cleanest and free of sweat which allows the perfume to settle into the skin better.

Lastly, you can spray your clothes to help keep the fragrance around longer. The perfume sticks to the fabric and helps you smell good all day. Now remember not to spray too much, or you’ll overpower the people around you with your fragrance. If you put on the same fragrance everyday, you might be used to the smell of it, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is used to it. It can seem extra strong to others even if doesn’t to you. So remember to start with some perfume and then add more if you have to.

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If you’re ever self-conscious of your body odor, these are some different ways you can help to combat it and boost your confidence. Just remember, you’re not alone in your struggles; it’s something everyone has dealt with before.

But just because it’s something that everyone has been through doesn’t mean you just have to accept it and move on. There are plenty of solutions to consider throughout your whole process of getting ready. When you smell better, you will feel better about yourself and not have to worry about whether everyone else can smell you or not.

Have you been there before? What are your best remedies for body odor?

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