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Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams With These Digital Vision Board Ideas

vision board ideas

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Life can easily get in the way of our dreams. Our minds can become cluttered, and we just get into the motions of carrying on instead of enjoying life. A vision board can provide the clarity that we need to focus on what we want in life. It’s important to visualize our dreams so we are able to remind ourselves what we’re working towards and that our dream life is possible. Creating a vision board can also allow us to manifest these goals and help us make them a reality.

You may be getting overwhelmed thinking about making a vision board. What do you include? What are your goals and dream? Where do you even start? Well, don’t stress about it because making a vision board should be fun! Let your creativity shine and just focus on what you want. Now, let’s get into it and talk about some vision board ideas!

What is a vision board?

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First, let’s define a vision board so you have a better idea of what you are trying to create. A vision board is a collection of pictures and words that represent your dreams and goals. They can be pictures that you found online or ones that you cut from a magazine. The text can include words of affirmation or ones related to your images or goals specifically.

Fill the board with short and long-term goals. Some goals should be more feasible while others are harder to reach. You want to have balance so that you continue to stay optimistic while you look at it. A vision board provides you time to self-reflect on what you’ve accomplished in life so far and what you hope to do in the future. It is a creative way of setting personal goals.

How to create one

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Decide your plan for your board

To start, decide what your ideal plan for your board is. Do you want your board to include all your goals? Do you want multiple smaller boards each with a different theme? Do you want to make a new one every couple of months, every year, every 5 years? It’s all your decision.

You can create as many boards as you want or as often as you want. Maybe you decide that you’re going to make an annual vision board with your hopes for the year. Or you could make one that just has all your life goals and you can add and replace pictures and words as you accomplish them. You can make a board that’s specific to your career, your relationships, your financial situation, or you combine them all into one. There’s no set plan. It’s up to you and what you want the board to do for your life.

Make a list of goals

Since you have a better idea of what you want out of your board, it’s time to start thinking of your actual goals. Think of dreams that you’ve had for years or some that you’ve just started visualizing. Spend time thinking about this. You don’t have to rush because you want your vision board to truly encapsulate what you hope to accomplish.

Start by writing them down in a notebook. They can be long-term goals or short-term goals and they can pertain to any part of your life. Just write anything that comes to mind, then you choose which specifically you want to include on your board.

Find pictures that speak to you

This is the part of the process where you are able to visualize your dreams. Take your list of goals and think of different words and pictures that best fit them. You can either find pictures/words on the internet, cut some out of a magazine or both!

As you find different images, figures and words notice how they make you feel. You want to look at the picture and say, “This is what I want in life” or “This is what I hope to accomplish someday.” If the picture doesn’t spark joy or invoke a feeling of excitement then maybe it shouldn’t be on your vision board.

If you aren’t entirely sure what you want out of your pictures and words, that’s okay! Cut out a variety of different things and see where it takes you. It’s better to have more pictures than not enough! It’s your board, so just make it what you want.

Decide what you want your board to look like

Now, that you have all of the material you need to create your vision board it’s time to plan out what it’s going to look like.  This is when your creativity comes into play. 

First, you need to decide if you want your vision board to be a print board or a digital one. You can create an old fashion board with a poster board, cut out pictures and glue. Or you can use one of the many websites, including Canva, that provide a template for a digital vision board.

Then, you take your pictures and you start organizing. You don’t need an exact layout, but a general idea. It can be random, or you could categorize where certain images go. For example, you could include the images related to your travel goals in the top right corner, and the personal growth goals in the middle. You have the freedom to customize your board to your own taste, style and preference. Just find a layout that helps with your motivation and accomplishments.

Take a moment with your vision board each day

Yay! Your vision board is done! Now what? It’s time for you to take a moment with your board and reflect on your life goals. It’s important to make time to look at your board each day as a reminder of what you’re working towards. It’s best to fit time in your schedule in the morning after you wake up and at bedtime before going to sleep. This keeps you thinking of different ways to accomplish your dreams throughout the day and makes sure that your dreams don’t get pushed aside. If you make a digital vision board, you can even download it to your laptop and make it your desktop background so you can see it every time you open your laptop!


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If you’re feeling a little lost in life and need some guidance on your life goals, then a vision board is the next perfect project for you! Use these vision board ideas to create the perfect board. Take some time to reflect on what you want to accomplish in life and use the visuals of a vision board to help you manifest and hopefully turn it into a reality!

Have you made a vision board before? Comment below any tips and tricks that you have to make the board reflect the life of your dreams!

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