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DIY Wellness Retreat Ideas So You Can Have A Relaxing Day At Home

by Tracy Proffitt


This article was a submission from professional/licensed hairstylist and makeup artist Tracy Proffitt. Find her on Instagram at @tracyazgal. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

We all could use a spa day or a retreat from this crazy world! We can’t all drop everything and go to an amazing destination or to a five-star resort either! Fortunately, we can get together with a few friends or family members and create our own DIY wellness retreat or spa day to unplug and be present! Here are some of our favorite DIY wellness retreat ideas!

Use Your Talents Wisely

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Each of us has different talents and areas of interest, so let’s make this work to our advantage! If you have an artist in your midst, see if they would like to teach a painting class. You can set it up in a paint and sip style! If you have a Yogi or Yogini among you, see if they would lead the group in a simple yoga class! Have a writer or poet, they can guide the group through a journaling, vision board activity or blackout poetry session! If someone hikes a lot and knows where the best trails are, see if they wouldn’t mind being your trail guide!

If you don’t know anyone who is savvy in these areas, you can pitch in to hire a mobile yoga instructor, or a mobile paint and sip company that brings all the supplies to you. If one of your friends has a pool, ask them to host and you can provide one of the other activities! The possibilities are endless. The idea is to structure a full day of relaxing and creative activities with good food and drink and a nice amount of downtime in between.  Pick 3 things you’d like to try and create your day around those activities.

Sips & Snacks

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Plan some healthy dishes and drinks like herbal iced teas, some spa water infused with fruit and mint. Everyone can make or bring something. Think of it as a healthy potluck. Pitching in and sharing your skills will keep the cost low! Wellness retreats are all about the mind and body, so you’ll want to have something nourishing that will make you feel fresh, light and airy! Definitely stay away from really healthy foods if you are planning on doing physical activitites throughout the day, like yoga or swimming.

Here is a list of calming and creative activities that do not rely on using technology that would be fun to do during your retreat day:


Grab your yoga mat, have your friends bring their own or head over to Five Below which has $5 yoga mats. Yoga is relaxing and so much fun! You can watch an online YouTube yoga tutorial, lead your own class or hire a professional to come teach at your event.

Painting class

With a kit like this from Amazon, you can easily lead your own paint class! All you need is some paint, paint brushes, some water and a lot of creativity. You can lead your class on your own or use some online tutorials! There are so many awesome step by step paint class ideas online!

Succulent bar

Make your own succulent terrariums with an awesome kit like this one. Everyone in your group will have so much fun decorating your glass terrariums, picking out your succulents and feeling a tiny more in tune with nature.

Soap Making

With kits like this one from Etsy, you are able to make your own soap. It even comes with essential oils and everything else you’ll need! Essential oils can be so calming, which makes this the perfect activity for a wellness retreat.


diy wellness retreat ideas

Ever tried your hand at henna? First off, make sure you are sourcing your henna paste in sustainable ways and that you are being knowledgeable about henna’s history and cultural significance. Henna can be such a fun way to express yourself and is so beautiful!

Some Other Ideas

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Need some other ideas? We’ve got a few more for you to try out!

  • Journaling
  • Vision board
  • Poetry writing
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Cooking class
  • Nature sketching

What other DIY wellness retreat ideas do you have? Let us know in the comment section below!

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