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Looking For A Halloween Scary Movie List To Binge Tonight?

Happy Halloween! While many Zillennials are turning up and going out this Halloween, many of us may opt for the far more cozy option. After all, with Halloween landing on a Monday night, I don’t know that I’ll be able to handle much more than a movie marathon tonight. So, if you’re like me and opting for a night of thrills from the comfort of your couch, keep on reading! I’ve gathered up some Horror movies released throughout 2022 that would make for a perfect watch on a spooky night! After all, this year brought us TONS of horror movies to enjoy, so we might as well take it all in while the scary vibes are high! Here is our Halloween scary movie list.


Smile” was released in September, so this semi-recent horror film could be a great fresh find for your All Hallows’ Eve viewing. This movie depicts a therapist’s struggle to remain mentally strong battling the creepy and horrifying fate a demon is aiming to force her through. After treating, and witnessing a patient die from this demon, our protagonist deals with a hellish week, struggling to figure out how to not let the demon take over. Full of creepy smiles, jump scares, and tension, this movie is a great pick for anyone wanting to be spooked this Halloween. 


Horror movies that deal with serial killers and other real-world horrors are always extra spooky to me, so this one goes right up there. “Watcher” follows a woman who notices a man watching her after moving into her new apartment. After hearing about women getting decapitated in the area, our protagonist grows even more anxious that her stalker will become an even bigger threat. This movie is pretty much every woman’s biggest fear materialized, so I think it’s a great watch but also an incredibly bone-chilling one. “Watcher” can also be found on Prime Video!

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

If you’re looking for a horror movie that will get you laughing, “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” is a prime pick. What kicks off the series of horrific events in this movie is a friend group playing a rather intense game. After one friend dies, the rest of the group has to figure out what happened, and if they can really trust everyone they’re with. While it all seems pretty serious, this movie is full of pop culture and jokes, so there’s a good balance between tension and laughter. 


While some movies on this list harp on classic vibes for elite spooking, “Sissy” is truly a 2022 horror movie. Following mental health influencer, Sissy, the movie shows a bachelorette getaway gone wrong after tensions escalate and old wounds get torn into. Mixing together modern pop culture, relatable girl-group content, and of course, jealousy, revenge, and horror, you get a pretty intense Halloween watch out of “Sissy.” This 2022 movie is available to watch on Prime Video. 


Want something classic but, well, new? January’s “Scream” movie is a great option! Bringing back old characters, this new movie follows a new masked killer’s trail and survivors and new characters alike who are fighting for their lives. In the same town as the original killings, but years later, this round of “Scream” unveils even more spookiness than the first movie. Jump scares and good-old-fashioned creepiness are not lacking here, so if that’s what you like, this movie is for you.


This 2022 horror movie isn’t all that you’d expect. Aliens? Horses? Animals? Oh my. Following siblings who are taking over their fathers ranch after he was mysteriously killed, “Nope’s” main horror is an alien cloud who is often angered and has the capability to do some crazy damage. This movie is quite different from your typical thriller, so if you’re jonesing for something funny and out of the box, this is a great pick for halloween. Though, if you’re wanting something super creepy, this probably isn’t your top contender. 

Don’t Worry Darling

Despite its mixed reviews, “Don’t Worry Darling” was a smash hit in theaters, starring Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine and other big names. Following a couple that moved into a new cult-like development “project,” Pugh’s character begins noticing absurdities which escalate to full-blown horrors lurking beneath the project’s face. If you want something visually enticing, I think this movie is a great pick because there really was a lot of effort put into each shot, which gives it a polished horror sort of feel to it. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Similar to how the new “Scream” brought back old faces and brought in new ones, this new “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is set 50 years following the original. Keeping the theme alive, this movie brings in lots of gore and blood, and your fair share of running from a chainsaw murderer through Texas farmlands. Despite these similarities, the new cast and modern setting brings a fresh feel to the movie. If you want to watch this 2022 sequel to the original, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (the 2022 version) is available on Netflix. 


When shooting an adult film staying on an elderly couple’s ranch, things start going very wrong when an old woman becomes jealous of the actresses’ youth and sexuality. This movie is so creepy, especially if older people tend to freak you out in movies – these older actors really sell the creepy vibes. Following a traditional horror movie feel, this movie is a great option for something gorey and horrifying for Halloween.

Studio 666

Sometimes the best Halloween horror movies are, well the worst ones. I definitely don’t think “Studio 666” is a classic in the making. And, I definitely don’t think it’s good. However, this movie has the right amount of kitch to it to make it a great (in the hilarious way) watch for Halloween! I mean, the Foo Fighters take on a Haunted House to write their tenth album? I never really expected this movie to be good, it’s more the halloween spirit that the movie emanates that makes it qualify. 

Halloween Ends

Like other Halloween classics, 2022 also brought us a final segment to the “Halloween” movies, a staple in the horror genre. In this movie, the story gets wrapped up and loose ends get tied as things are still as suspenseful and creepy as always. If you want to watch a horror movie this Halloween that will become the epitome of Halloween 2022, I think “Halloween Ends” is the one for you to watch. The movie is in Theaters now and can also be found on Peacock. 

What movies are on your Halloween scary movie list this year? How many of them were made in 2022?

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