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5 Underrated Horror Films You Should Binge This Fall

underrated horror films

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s fall editorial intern Hannah Yarrington. Find her on Instagram at @513hny. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

With cold weather and Halloween quickly approaching, many of us Zillennials are getting into the cozy Fall mode, scouring the internet to find the perfect movies to get us into the spooky mood. As a lover of horror movies myself, I’ve watched just about every horror movie under the sun, so it’s now next to impossible to find new and unique films. And whenever a new critically acclaimed horror movie gets released, it doesn’t always live up to the hype and leaves me wanting more. So if you’re super into scary, gory, or psychological horror movies like me and are looking for something fresh, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most underrated horror films you should try watching this coming fall season!

As Above, So Below


I am a huge fan of any horror movie that’s based on a real location! I’ve always wanted to go to the Paris catacombs! This movie is a must see! HHorrorHHorrormovieHHorrormovieshhorrortokHHorrorfilmSScaryS#ScarymoviesscarymoviessscarystoriesffypTTrendingP#Paris

♬ original sound – Johnny Horror!

This movie was one of the most chilling found footage horror films I’ve seen to date, full of twists and turns with an intriguing plot that immediately sucks you in. The film follows Archaeologist Scarlett Marlowe, who is committed to finding a lost artifact: Nicolas Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone (yes, the same Philosopher’s Stone from Harry Potter), which is allegedly thought to grant immortality and turn metal into gold. After learning the stone is hidden in the Catacombs underneath Paris, she and her “team” venture out to find the stone. Little do they know, they are venturing into their own personal Hell.

Not only was this movie fascinating, but it was packed full of notable scary moments that will have you jumping back but wanting more.

Hell House LLC

When I first put on this movie, I wasn’t expecting much from the slow beginning, but it had me hiding under my blanket once I got into it. It’s a documentary-found-footage-style film about a group of young adults investigating a mysterious accident that transpired at a haunted house, which resulted in the death of 15 individuals. 

When watching this movie, make sure your eyes are peeled, as something always seems to be lurking in the corner of the room. With unsettling clowns and dolls that are something out of a nightmare, this movie has quickly made its way onto my top list of horror movies. Watching this on Halloween night is very fitting as well, and if you’re looking for other films to binge on Halloween night, check out this other list we’ve curated.


If you know anything about Asian horror, you’d know they are undoubtedly the masters of building suspense. This South Korean film is a mind-bending thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The film follows the character Jin-Seok, who witnesses his brother being kidnapped, only for him to show up 19 days later with seemingly no recollection of the events, pushing him to investigate the truth behind the kidnapping. This film made me feel bewitched, scared, confused, and sad all at once and absolutely deserves a watch this fall.

The Ritual

The Ritual was another film that I was “pleasantly” surprised by. I had heard about it while trying to find horror movies to watch that were actually scary, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Not only did this movie have one of the most unique monsters I’ve seen in a horror film, it had an intriguing plot that left me speechless. The movie is about a group of buddies who band together after the death of their friend and set out to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. But after an accident occurs that forces them to change their course, they unwittingly enter their worst nightmare. I found this movie incredibly terrifying and worth a watch, though you might want a watch buddy, just in case.

The Strangers

I first heard about this movie from my mother, who had watched it before and claimed it to be one of the scariest movies she had ever seen, and my mom does not scare easily. The movie follows a struggling couple staying at a vacation home, where they quickly find themselves being hunted and tormented by masked strangers. This film has mixed reviews, but I found that the ones who rated it low missed the point or weren’t paying attention. This movie terrified me because it was so realistic and is a situation countless people have found themselves in. I implore you to check it out this Halloween season and decide for yourself what you think!

Out of all the scary movies I’ve seen, these are some of the most underrated horror films that deserve more hype. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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