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Prepare To Chill. Here’s The Best Playlist For a Sister Sesh

When you have your girls gathered and nothing to do, what better time to sit in a circle and chill with a little greenery… Right? Well, if you and your ladies are preparing for a sister sesh, the vibes have to be top-tier. I mean, it is all for the girlies, right? So, aside from the incense, the rose wrappers, ground-up lavender, the candles, the blanks and whatever else that will turn your sesh into an etherial hangout, you’re going to need a playlist that matches the vibe. I have you covered.

I’ve curated an etherial, feminine, chill, pretty, and even a little sad, but definitely emulating “pretty energy,” playlist to enjoy. A girl smoke sesh is all about the vibes, so the songs in this playlist are there because they emulate top-tier chill femme fatale vibes to me, with a bit of high dreaminess thrown in there. Honestly, listening to this playlist on its own brings major girl sesh vibes, so even if all you have is yourself, you can enjoy it too.


So, here we have it. Nearly two and a half hours of pure vibes for you and your girls to enjoy– perhaps while also enjoying other methods of chilling… wink, wink. Anywho, let’s take a dive into some of the songs… because some of them really do need more explanation, recognition, or just plain discussion. Feel free to hit play and listen to the songs while reading along!

“Imposter Syndrome”, Sydney Gish

I just feel like this song is too fitting for a girl sesh. You know those moments when you feel like you’re barely functioning how you’re supposed to be? While sometimes our coping mechanisms help us feel better about that, they can also sometimes make us feel even less competent. Many girlies are prone to imposter syndrome anyway, but the imposter syndrome that sets in mid-sesh sometimes is too real. So, this song coming on could not only hit a little too hard, but it’s also such a bop. Comparing herself to a dog– or not-quite-dog is the best and most strange way for Gish to go about making her point and I love it, and so will your high brain, so add it to your own sesh playlist, if you like. 

“Addicted,” Amy Winehouse

Not only is this song one of Amy Winehouse’s best, it’s absolutely perfect for a sesh, because it subtly lays down sesh etiquette for anyone listening. You know, you can’t just be dipping into one person’s stash. “I can get mine, and you get yours” is always a standard, unless someone is specifically being generous– don’t be a mooch. On top of the on-the-botton-ness of the song, Winehouse’s effortless perfection in her voice is another level of satisfying for a sesh playlist!

“Holy Smokes,” Anna Bates

This is such a chill, calm, sweet song for a girl sesh. Not only does it get a little philosophical, spiritual, etc., it also manages to be lighthearted and fun and again, on theme! I think it’s definitely a fun choice for a girl sesh because obviously, the activity makes sense, but it’s also the right kind of bouncy yet calm that has the right vibe for the sesh!

“Higher Than The Clouds,” Anuhea

Again, we’re on theme with the whole “higher” thing, but I also just feel like the whole reggae genre is generally on theme with this playlist idea. However, this song is an absolute classic and Anthea’s voice is so angelic and dreamy that you’ll be feeling good listening to this song. It’s a nice lighthearted addition to the girl sesh playlist!

“Not Allowed,” TV Girl

While the lyrics of this song don’t have much to do with the girl sesh itself in my mind, the actual sound of this song is the vibe of a girl sesh in my brain– bouncy and happy and dreamy and etherial and a little messy and jumbled and trippy. I just love it and it has the perfect vibe for even just playing in the background while hanging out.

The remainder of the songs also align with the vibes of a girl sesh. I think this playlist may be up to evolution, so if you think some more songs should be included, let us know in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy gathering your girls, glass and snacks for your girl sesh with major vibes playing this playlist!!

What songs are on your girl sesh playlist? What song from this playlist is your favorite?? Let us know in the comments!

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