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Sweater Vest Outfits In Every Single Aesthetic – Which Way Will You Style It?

Who do you think of when you hear the words sweater vest? Is it Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Or our favorite nerd, Steve Urkel from Family Matters? Or maybe even Chandler from Friends?

Regardless of who came to mind, it was likely a popular 90s star because sweater vests seemed to be at the forefront of the fashion scene back then. But just like most 90s fashion, sweater vests are back! Now, I’m not talking about the stuffy school uniform sweater vests or the ones your dad used to wear; those can stay in the past. There are many new and fashionable ways to wear them.

If you’re like me, you might be thinking that you can’t pull off a sweater vest because it’s not your style. Well, I have good news. Sweater vests can fit all aesthetics. There are sweater vest outfits that are sporty, academic, grunge, minimalist, and more. So I’m sure that you can find one that fits your look!

Why are sweater vests popular?

It’s hard to pinpoint the specific moment sweater vests made their comeback. However, I think that there are two moments that brought them to the forefront of the fashion scene. The first being the love and popularity of academia fashion, both light, and dark academia. This aesthetic emerged because it combines a sophisticated yet simple look. So how can you easily accomplish this? A sweater vest. They’re essential to serving that academic look, whether we wear them alone or layered. 

Now, I personally think that the other big part of the resurgence of sweater vests had to do with Harry Styles. As we all know, the man is a huge trendsetter. In 2019, Harry was pictured wearing a navy blue sweater vest covered in sheep. And it blew up online. Although this may not be the sweater vests that most of us are styling now, it brought the beautifully knit fashion piece back into the spotlight. Soon after that, other stars like Tyler The Creator and Kendall Jenner, as well as many fashion runways incorporated sweater vests into their wardrobe. And now you can’t go into a shop without seeing a sweater vest on the rack.

Which sweater vests are in style?

This is an easy question to answer because luckily, all sweater vests are in style! There are a broad variety of different vests on the clothing racks: preppy ones, bright patterned ones, oversized ones, simple neutral ones, “ugly” chunky ones, and more! The options are endless, so all you have to do is find one that YOU like.

Ways to wear a sweater dress no matter your aesthetic

Okay, now that sweater vests are back in style, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking: “there’s no way that I can wear a sweater vest and not look like a poser.” Well, there truly is a style for everyone, so anyone can wear them! And a sweater vest can be styled so uniquely depending on the look you like or the one you’re going for. 


For example, underneath your sweater vest, you could wear a t-shirt, a long sleeve, a dress, a turtleneck, an oxford shirt, a bralette or nothing if it’s oversized. On the bottom, a skirt, skort, shorts, biker shorts, trousers, tights, leggings or any jeans or pants will do. I pulled a few different looks so that you’re able to see some of the various ways to style them. Feel free to try one of these looks or make your own! We’ve got this – let’s find you the perfect sweater vest!

So what do you think? Are you going to add a sweater vest to your closet? At first, I wasn’t sure about this sweater vest trend. I didn’t really think that they could look cute and trendy, mainly because the only images of them that I had in my head weren’t good ones. But, now, I see why they’ve become so popular again! They’re such a versatile piece of clothing with endless style opportunities. So, I have to go get myself one! However, instead of thinking of Steve Urkel while I shop, I’ll picture looking like Cher from Clueless – sleek and fashionable. See? There were some good sweater vests back in the 90s!

Are you going to jump on the sweater vest trend? How do you like to style your sweater vest? Share with us below what you think of sweater vest outfits!

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