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My Hold The Phone Audio Guest Book Was A Hit! Here’s My Honest Review

hold the phone guest book

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When it comes to choosing a guest book for your wedding, it can be pretty tricky to nail down exactly what you want. First of all, you have to think about aesthetics, the experience itself and the longevity of the product. Will your guestbook be something you turn back to time and time again to dote over or will it be collecting dust? When it was time to figure out my guest book, I knew there were a few key things I wanted. First of all, I wanted it to be interactive, and second, I wanted it to be unique. When I stumbled upon Hold The Phone, a vintage phone guest book company, online, I was set. Here is my honest review of my Hold The Phone guest book and everything you should know before you book yours (and trust me, you should)!



Just a little snippet of the @Hold the Phone at @Sabrina 💗 ‘s wedding! New article out today at 3PM with her review!! ☎️👰‍♀️💍

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Everyone at my wedding was over the moon about the guestbook. Everyone was so shocked that it really worked and wasn’t just a decoration and that they could actually leave me messages. Even my venue had never had a guestbook like that at any of their weddings before! Honestly, being such a trendsetter like that felt pretty cool! 

When my fiancé and I decided to book Hold The Phone for our wedding, we were really excited for many reasons. Truthfully, videography was not on our radar, because it simply wasn’t in our budget. This meant that while we might have a few iPhone recordings of our wedding day, we would not have any professionally taken videography. With so much going into our big day, we wanted a way to commemorate it and trap it into time – like a time capsule. With an audio guest book like this one, you have taken a snapshot of your friends and family on your day. Your family members and friends’ voices are memorialized in a way they never could be if they had simply signed their names. For the rest of our lives, we can go back to these recordings of our loved ones and hear their voices again. For family members who won’t always be with us, this will be vital. And for family members who are young and still having growing up to do, it will be so fun to go back and hear their baby voices.

Getting the audio message back was also so much fun! My husband and I sat down at the computer to listen and laughed, relistened and had a great time hearing what everyone had to say. The messages truly got progressively funny as the night went on (and people took advantage of our open bar).  Suzy & Mark were also amazing to work with and were so kind and communicative! They really know what they are doing!

All in all, our Hold The Phone guest book was so much fun at our wedding! It looked super cute with our wedding’s aesthetic and everyone loved it! It was a conversation starter, kept people occupied and will be a memento we will cherish forever.


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With the product itself, there truly were no cons! It was SUPER easy to set up and take down. You seriously only have to click a few buttons and it comes with instructions that make it super simple. It looked super cute, worked super well and the audio messages came back so quick! We got everything we wanted out of our Hold The Phone audio guestbook and are so excited we went with it.

Though, there is something really special about having your family members write to you, which is obviously not possible with Hold The Phone. But, I challenge you to incorporate that into your special day in a different way, if that is something that you think is important. At our wedding, we had our Hold The Phone guest book and then we also had an activity for our guests at each table. At each one, we had a notecard for everyone and a pen. Here, we asked them to write us a little letter with some words of wisdom for one of our future anniversaries. If they were at table 3, we would open that letter on our 3rd year anniversary. Table 8 would be opened 8 years later. That way, we had their handwriting, and written words for us to come back to and commemorate. That, paired with Hold The Phone was a perfect combination.

Tips & Tricks

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Here are a few tips and tricks that I would recommend for when you book your Hold The Phone guest book! 

  • Have someone in your bridal party be appointed to set up and take down your guest book. While it is super simple to turn on and off, you definitely need to be certain that it is done right! Otherwise, all your memories will be wasted! I had assigned one of my bridesmaids to learn how to use it and be the one who was in charge of turning it on before the reception began and turning it off before the sparkler exit. She, obviously, did it correctly so we could have all of our memories forever. She was also in charge of making sure it was packed away carefully at the end of the night.
  • Make fun signage! When you book your phone, they email you some really cute signs that you can print out and use! Or you can even make your own. I made my own sign with my Cricut and it came out so cute! It also had a Taylor Swift reference, because, duh!
  • Don’t forget to record a message yourself, or two! You’re not only going to love to go back and hear everyone else’s voices, but it will be so much fun to go back and hear your own after years of marriage!

Will you be booking a Hold The Phone guest book? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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