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8 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Booklover In Your Life

book lover Christmas gifts

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The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and with that comes gift-giving season! Whether that’d be buying a gift for secret Santa, a white elephant or the perfect gift for a person you care about, buying a present can definitely be difficult. But when it comes to a special someone who is a massive book lover and prefers actual books compared to humans, how do you go about buying a gift for them?

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Buying a new book for them might be a good idea, but chances are that they already have that book stowed away in their collection. And while a gift card to their local bookstore or Barnes and Noble might be the quickest solution, it may seem incredibly impersonal and show that not a lot of thought went into it. So what now? Well, if you are struggling to come up with the perfect Christmas gift, we’ve got you covered! Here are eight of the best and most unique book lover Christmas gifts this season that will become absolute essentials for a bookworm’s library.

Blind Date With A Book Package

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Nothing screams unique more than a blind date with a book package for a Christmas gift. With these shops on Etsy dedicating their businesses to curating good books and doing the absolute most when it comes to decorating the package, this gift will make any booklover’s heart scream with joy. With these kinds of gifts, you can browse through each book’s descriptions and easily get a feel for which book might intrigue your bookworm. And besides, having someone else who is an avid book connoisseur decide which book will make the best selection for a gift will be extremely helpful. Also, did I mention that these packages come with complimentary bookmarks and tea? How adorable!

Unique Cookie Cutter

book lover Christmas gifts

If your book lover is a baker as well, this might be the perfect gift for them. When I first saw this cookie cutter, I laughed out loud and would be so happy to receive this gift if I got it. This “Welcome to Book Club, Bitches” cookie cutter is iconic for sassy bookworms and perfect for those who host their own book clubs. Baking cookies and cuddling up with a good book sounds like a bookworm’s heaven– and with this cookie cutter, they’ll definitely be grateful.

A Personalized Book Embosser

book lover Christmas gifts

For the book lover in your life who dreams of having a library one day, this gift will make a great addition to their book collection. This personalized book embosser lets any book in their collection be marked as their own– a kind stamp that no one else in the world will have! With different kinds of designs, inks and fonts to choose from, this gift is tailored to fit the aesthetic of any bookworm.

A Book Locket Necklace

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This locket will make the best accessory and addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Not only is it simple and perfect for those who love dainty jewelry, but the locket itself can be personalized to have any photo or message inside. Perhaps it could be a picture of their favorite book, a photo of the two of you or even a quote from their favorite book– the possibilities are endless!

DIY Miniature Bookshop

book lover Christmas gifts

Calling all craft lovers! This DIY Miniature Bookshop Kit is an absolute must for those who love crafts and books. This kit from Target comes with handy tools, materials and an instruction booklet to help guide them through the project, and will make the cutest side decoration for a coffee table or bookshelf.

A Book Subscription

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If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift that has a unique element of surprise, consider buying a book subscription for them! Companies like Book Of The Month offer three to twelve book-month subscriptions that allow your reader to get a new book (or books!) each month. It’s seriously the gift that keeps on giving!

A Bathtub Reading Tray

Now, there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a hot bubble bath and being surrounded by the best-scented candles to ever exist. And if you’re like me and love to read in the tub, this bathtub reading tray will be the perfect gift to give a book lover this holiday season. Not only does it come with a reading rack to hold the book, but it even comes with a wine glass holder and a cellphone slot. Talk about relaxation to the max!

A Personalized Library Kit

This personalized library kit on Amazon will satisfy any bibliophile’s dream of owning their own library. Paying an homage to the iconic and old-fashioned library techniques, the kit includes a card catalog, bookplates, stamps and even checkout cards! This gift is a perfect choice for those who love to keep their books organized and are often the ones lending out their books for others to borrow.

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I love reading and I think everyone should try to at least read one book a month– I promise, the goal is obtainable! And while reading may not be everyone’s cup of tea or choice of activity, reading can provide extreme comfort for others for it allows them to escape into fantasy worlds and experience life outside of their own. With these book lover Christmas gift ideas, the bookworm in your life will be thrilled to open any of these presents on Christmas day. 

What do you think about these book lover Christmas gifts? Are there any book lover Christmas gifts we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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