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Your Fresh Christmas Music Radar: Holiday Tracks Zillennials Will Love

Calling all Millennials who LOVE Christmas Time AND listening to Christmas music all season. I’m right there with you, but let’s admit, it can get pretty boring to listen to the same Christmas music over and over, especially if they’re the same Christmas songs you’ve always been listening to. So, sorry Michael Bublee and Mariah Carey, here are some fresh and new Christmas music recommendations for Zillennials.

Santa Baby – Sidney Gish

This insanely underrated indie artist’s lyrics are funny, quippy, and silly. Gish’s “Santa Baby” is no exception. With and indie techno take on this modern classic, lyrics are updated to reflect modern *material girl* desires and it’s such a vibe. Honestly, I don’t know a single person who hasn’t liked this song after listening to it. It’s such a fun Christmas song.

New Axe – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson’s soothing sounds are perfect for cozy Christmas vibes. With images of fireplaces, card games, and kids playing, this Christmas single really brings in all the warm and fuzzies. If you need a  Christmas song that sounds like a hug, this is really the perfect one for you. Cozy up, gaze out the window at the rain, snow, cold, or whatever, and feel the happiness of the season soak in.

This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday – Various Artists

If you’re a chill music lover, this album will give you all the serotonin this Christmas, trust me. “Party Hard” by Zach Gill really gets me into a jolly happy mood. Also, “In The Morning” is one of the most wholesome Jack Johnson songs, and it is included on this album. It all has a very cute, sweet, happy vibe to it all. Speaking of all the good fun vibes, G. Love and The Special Sauce’s pickin’ tune, Christmas Cookies will get you dancing for sure.

Holiday – She & Him

A She & Him holiday album is always good stuff, so this one titled “Holiday” is no different. In fact, their cover of “Holiday” brings a classy and Christmassy take to the song. Meanwhile, other songs on the album bring out just as good vibes.

It’s Christmas All Over – The Goo Goo Dolls

If you’re itching for that classic Goo Goo Dolls sound that is oh-so nostalgic and cozy for so many of us, this Christmas album is for you. “This is Christmas” for example, doesn’t break the classic Goo Goo Dolls sound at all, yet, it’s a 2020 album. It’s like the Gilmore Girls-esque Christmas soundtrack of my dreams, so I don’t see any reason why Zillennails wouldn’t absolutely love this album. Also, “You Ain’t Getting Nothin’” is so groovy and fun and really is a fun Christmas song to groove to. Oh and also also, the instrumental track, “The Christmas Party” is so so fun, blending TONS of holiday classics together.

When Christmas Comes Around… – Kelly Clarkson

A Kelly Clarkson Christmas album is *chef’s kiss* This 2021 album is beautifully jazzy and her strong voice is so elegant and festive. Her take on “Last Christmas” is classy and bold, which gives me a Christmas in a big city vibe. A lot of the songs have a sad breakup vibe to it, but it’s Kelly Clarkson so we’re sad in style, transforming into girl bosses listening to this Christmas album. Take the song, “Merry Christmas (to the one I used to know),” the emotion parallels Adele. Though again, overall we’re girlbosses. Just take Christmas breakup track “Merry Christmas Baby” for example.

You Make It Feel Like Christmas– Gwen Stefani

It’s no secret that I LOVE Gwen Stefani but she’s becoming more and more of an icon for Gen Z and thus more and more Zillennials as well. This 2017 Christmas album of hers is so festive and fun, incorporating old elements that give nostalgic vibes while still bringing a new fun flair. Her take on “White Christmas” is so fun, bouncy, and up-beat. And oh boy, is “When I Was A Little Girl” is SO relatable. Seriously, this album is a must-listen if you haven’t already.

I Feel Like a Kid Again– Jax and Atlantic Holiday

This Christmas song goes through the relatable feeling of growing up and still feeling the childlike wonder and feelings of the holiday season. With its poppy beat, the song brings up the mood and adds to the Christmas cheer feeling. Zillennnials are sure to love this song and its movie-soundtrack feeling that it has to it.

What new Christmas music do you think Zillennials are sleeping on? What music gets you in the holly jolly mood?

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