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Holiday Cookies (Taylor’s Version): Try Taylor’s Legendary Chai Cookies

If you know me at all – which you might (hi, mom!), or might not (hello from Arizona!), you’d know that I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift. And I mean… obsessed. I love that woman. And I always have! Ever since I was really little and heard Our Song for the first time – I was hooked. Since then, I’ve walked by her side through her yeehaw country days, to the dark days of 2016, to the transformation into a bubble gum pink butterfly, and deep into the woods of folklore and evermore. But beyond loving her music and loving her, there are times when I feel like we’re best friends, even though she has no idea I exist. One day, mark my words, I will be invited to Taylor Swift’s house and will be munching on these cookies in her living room, but until then, I’ll make them myself. Here is the famous Taylor Swift chai cookie recipe, which is super simple and SUPER delicious.

Thanks to the 2014 Tumblr era, Ms. Swift herself gave out this insanely amazing recipe of hers, and I’ve had an addiction ever since. There are two versions of the recipe, homemade vs. cookie mix. On days you’re a little rushed, using a sugar cookie mix as a base is a simple way to speed up the process with very similar results.

When The Chai Cookies Originated

Taylor Swift made these cookies famous after she whipped them up for her 1989 secret session. What’s a “secret session” you ask? Well, it’s when Taylor Swift chooses fans to invite to her house to listen to her new albums before they come out. I’m not even joking. This massive superstar hand selects fans and brings them to her actual homes around the world so she can bake them cookies, take pictures with them, hang out with each one on one, and tell them all of the behind-the-scene secrets about the album. Does your favorite celebrity do that? Doubt it. Anyway, during the 1989 secret sessions, Swift baked these delicious cookies for her guests and when asked on Tumblr about them, wrote up a how-to for anyone who wanted to bake them.

Taylor Swift’s Chai Cookies (My Version)

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Because of the holiday season, I was in search of a new cookie recipe. We have so many great choices on this list, but I wanted something that could become my specialty. That’s when I remembered these Taylor Swift cookies, and how they incorporated chai, which is one of my favorite flavors of all time. So, I headed to the grocery store to get all of the ingredients I needed. Then, I invited my mom and sister over to make them with me and we got started. Of course, we put some Christmas music on in the background (like Christmas Tree Farm, yay!) and got to work!

These cookies are so delicious! At first, I was a little wary about dumping the insides of a chai teabag into a cookie mix, but it works out a lot better than you’d think. I also made the delicious icing with eggnog in it, so these cookies are even more festive. After glazing the cookies with the icing, I let them cool for a while before packaging them up. Then, I put a few in each cellophane baggy, with a ribbon on top. These will be the best and easiest gifts to hand out this holiday to neighbors, friends and anyone else you have on your Nice List!

Merry Swiftmas everybody from your favorite swiftie!

Have you made this Taylor Swift chai cookie recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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