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Outfit For New Years Eve Ideas So You Can Step Into The New Year In Style

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Are you ready for the countdown? Well, gear up properly in New Years appropriate attire. This year, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest trends and outfit ideas for you to rock when the clock strikes midnight and 2022 has officially begun. From glitter and sequins to polka dots, following new years trends and traditions is a must, because you can never veer too much on the safe side when it comes to superstitions. So, read along for outfit for New Years Eve for ringing in 2022!

Fun Textured Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are hot, hot, hot! You can jazz up this classic and sometimes simple garment and turn it into a statement by throwing in some texture. Whether it’s giant sequins, an unusual shape, pom poms, feathers, tassels, etc. fun textured skirts are bound to be all over the place this New Years Eve. If you live somewhere colder, no worries. You can still rock a fun miniskirt like the ones above, but consider pairing it with fun sparkly or polka dot tights and a big jacket to keep yourself warm while still staying stylish.

Sheer sequin dresses

If you’re wanting to look like the queen you are this new year, try wearing a sheer(ish) sequin dress. These are super in right now and can be found cheaper than you’d expect considering the luxurious look of these dresses. New Years Eve outfits are all about the sparkle and there’s lots of sparkle to be found with these dresses. You will truly be glittering like the fireworks in any of these dresses and showing off as well. For more modest stylings, big fluffy or textured jackets, blazers, or biker jackets would all look cute overtop one of these “nearly naked” glittery dresses. It also might be fun to try to experiment with dressing these sequined dresses down because they tend to look very fancy and formal.

Fancy pants

If skirts and dresses aren’t necessarily your thing, or you’re hoping to stay a bit warmer this new year, this trend has fallen into the lap of the right person. Fancy pants are so fun and the more out-there they are, the more festive these pants feel. Pick out a pair of fun, sparkly, fancy pants and style to accentuate that statement garment. You can keep it warm, cozy, and comfy in this outfit but you’ll still look fancy enough to ring in the new year. Fancy pants for the win.

Bra Tops

Bra tops have also been taking off in popularity recently. Consider styling a sparkly, metallic, leather, velvety, or lacey bra or bralette as a top, wearing it with high waisted bottoms and perhaps a jacket or blazer will give the biggest fashionable new year vibes. I really love the bra-top and blazer combo and I think this will be a very big, very cute New Years Eve style trend. Cute and a little saucy, these bra tops are so fun for partying it up until midnight.

Glitter Corset Tops

Corset tops are HUGE right now, so why not pop a little sparkle on and call it a day? Glittery corset tops are SO pretty and are the perfect way to remain stylish and festive this new year. There is also a lot of variety of how you can style tops like this, so take the casual and cute route or a more dolled up version, all the same, you’ll be in perfect New Years Eve attire.

Flapper dresses

Is it 100 years ago or is flapper style back in full swing? (See what I did there?) I don’t care if the roaring 20s revival is a little cheesy, I love it. The flapper dress style is so fun to experiment with, especially when adjusting the style to be trendy for modern day. I think these dresses are cute examples of flapper dresses that will be popular on New Years Eve. I also think 1920s style can be applied to men’s fashion this new year and be very trendy. Suspenders, mustaches, straight suits, etc.

Polka dots

I always try to include a little bit of polka dots into my New Years Eve outfits because my Filipino aunty is very superstitious about wearing polka dots into the new year. Round shapes symbolize prosperity in the Philippines, so wearing polka dots, and surrounding oneself with round objects is said to bring luck and prosperity for your whole year. So, if you want to carry on the superstition yourself, consider styling polka dots into your New Years look. Even if it’s not the main part of the style, it can be worked in in several ways. For example, with tights or accessories, or even underwear if you’re desperate.

Happy New Year! Did you like our outfit for New Years eve ideas? Let us know how you ring it in and what you’ll be wearing!

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