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Is The Yuka App Too Good To Be True? Here’s What The Internet Is Saying

yuka app review

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As consumers, we are used to being bombarded by brands and marketing from all angles. Every company claims its product is bigger and better than the rest, leaving us with too many options to choose from. Some are reputable and diligent in providing equitably sourced and clean materials while others would give their firstborn child to sell you on their product filled with hidden toxins and negative side effects. That’s capitalism, baby!

The Yuka app was created to help consumers navigate this hairy landscape of food products and cosmetics. By scanning labels into the app, people are now equipped with an accessible tool to help them make more informed choices- but is Yuka accurate? The app promises to analyze the labels on products you buy, and expose any low-quality ingredients or health hazards. From the start, the concept felt too good to be true which elicited deep scrutinization. Across the internet, Yuka app reviews became common.

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How Does Yuka Work?

To use the free app all you need to do is download it before your next shopping trip. While you’re in the store, scan the label of any food or cosmetic product and Yuka will give it a rating out of 100 complete with a full analysis explaining why. On its website, the company also breaks down its rating system and criteria. Food products are rated on nutritional quality, the presence of additives, and whether or not the product can be classified as organic. Benchmarks are created based on the latest scientific research and trusted studies. For cosmetic products, every ingredient is analyzed and assigned a risk level according to the potential impacts it can have on the consumer.

If you scan a product that is rated poorly, Yuka will recommend a similar product with a higher and healthier ranking. There is also an entire webpage dedicated to explaining Yuka’s database, data referencing, and control used.

On its website, Yuka also promises that it’s a 100% independent project with zero influence from brands, monetary compensation, or ads. The company boasts responsible financing and full transparency to consumers in order to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest that could impact product scores.

Is The App Reliable?

While the app does its best to empower consumers and remain financially independent, it’s not the end-all-be-all when it comes to rating products. Health and industry professionals have varying opinions about the app and its rankings. Andy Miller who is an experienced registered dietician created a TikTok to share her misgivings about the Yuka app. Miller was critical of the science being used to form analysis and ratings. She also believed that ranking food as either “good” or “bad” was problematic in terms of body image. Furthermore, when suggesting alternative recommendations for a low-ranking product, Yuka did not factor in price or quantity.

Other users have commented on discrepancies between app ratings and professional opinions from a trusted physician. For example, products that professional dermatologists have recommended for patients’ skin have received a low rating in the app. Again, as consumers, we are left confused and frustrated.

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Take the Yuka app with a grain of salt! Is Yuka accurate? Not always. While it doesn’t have all the answers, it does get consumers thinking about the ingredients being used in the products they buy. The purpose of the Yuka App is to help us better understand labels, increase informed purchasing, and ultimately promote healthier product choices. At the end of the day, it’s up to the consumer to do their own research or seek a professional opinion. Using the app can be a good starting point to receive a general overview of the product, and from there, deeper research can be done using other credited sources.

What do you think of this Yuka App review? Do you like it and do you think it works well? Let us know in the comments below!

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