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One of Our Generations Best Kept Secrets: Trader Joe’s Wine Selection

trader joe's wine review

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The wine world can seem intimidating and elitist, especially if you are balling on a budget. Who are we kidding- these days most of us are (thanks, inflation!). A safe haven exists where you can find deals, save money, not feel judged, and even receive recommended dessert pairings in the process! Welcome to the Trader Joe’s wine section; your latest obsession. The internet is no longer gatekeeping this best-kept secret and we’ve compiled all of the finest Trader Joe’s wine reviews to ensure that you’re well-equipped to hop on this bandwagon.

A Beloved National Chain of Neighborhood Grocery Stores

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Trader Joe’s, or TJ’s to the well-seasoned veterans, is renowned for creating its own specialty brand items at a cheaper price. So for every missing box of Ritz crackers, the popular grocery chain supplements its own unique takes on snacks. From everything bagel dip to plant-based pork rinds, shoppers purchase items they can’t find anywhere else. 

On its website, low prices are attributed to buying directly from suppliers in volume and contracting early on. Pair this with innovative new food products constantly being created and put out on the floor- it’s no wonder Trader Joe’s has grown into an empire with a cult following. Groceries aside, some stores are adorned with a wine aisle that will take your breath away.

Cheaper Wine Doesn’t Always Mean Lower Quality

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Who doesn’t love a good bargain on bottles of flavorful wines, of which a majority ring in under ten dollars? Understandably, some may think this is too good to be true. The companies that supply most of Trader Joe’s exclusive wines typically source products from distributors who are wanting to sell their surplus of unlabeled wines and bulk grapes. A delish article cited the growing popularity of this practice over time as the reason why more affordable, private-label wines available in big box stores.

Another article by the Smithsonian in 2017 spotlights that alcohol remains largely unmonitored by the FDA. Therefore, winemakers are not required to disclose the exact ingredients used in their products – only alcohol and sulfate content, and whether specific food coloring additives are being used. Government-approved additives are commonly used in all kinds of wine (both cheap and expensive) to tweak acidity, color, and thickness.

Trader Joe’s Wine Reviews

Are you ready to make a visit to your local Trader Joe’s wine section but aren’t sure exactly where to start? A Trader Joe’s wine review or two might help:

La Burgondie Sparkling Rose

Wine educator and sommelier Lucia Palm creates videos online to guide inexperienced wine drinkers. One of her favorite stops is the Trader Joe’s wine aisle! In this Trader Joe’s wine review, she gives La Burgondie Sparkling Rose an 8/10 and recommends pairing it with sushi or fried chicken.

Love, Olivia Watermelon Wine

Looking for something a little sweeter sans bubbles? Love, Olivia has got you covered. I deeply resonated with this review because I myself am not a fan of anything super sweet, but I thoroughly enjoy drinking this wine! Plus, the four-dollar price alone makes it worth trying. They also offer a Love, Olivia peach wine, which is just as good!

Ste Chateau St Michelle Gewurztraminer

@LuciaLovesWine strikes again, giving us a recommendation for her favorite white wines, all under 15 dollars! With sweeter notes of fruit and floral finishing with a crisp acidic taste, Gewurztraminer has been dubbed “the grown-up version of Moscato.”

Buena Vista Chardonnay

This a dryer white wine with notes of oak and butter. It costs 10 dollars at Trader Joe’s, but our favorite TikTok Sommelier claims that it tastes like a 40-dollar bottle of wine!

Moon X Pinot Noir

A classic, fan-favorite coming in at 8.99 dollars per bottle. Hints of baking spices, black cherry and strawberry jam make this deep red wine enjoyable to many. An easy choice to pair with an upcoming Valentine’s Day steak dinner!

Corvelia Zinfandel

This bottle provides a medium to full-bodied wine with notes of oak, vanilla and cherry. If you enjoy a less intense red wine that’s not too dry and not too sweet, this is a must-try. 

I hope these Trader Joe’s wine reviews have inspired and empowered you to go out and try some new, affordable wines! With such a larger selection to choose from, you’ll be covered for many a wine night with your besties this year. 

Are you a staunch supporter of the Trader Joe’s wine aisle? Drop your best wine recommendations in the comments below!

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