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5 Staple Lush Products Newbies To The Brand Are Sure To Love

best of Lush products

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Have you found yourself wanting to try products from Lush, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck. I have been using Lush products since I was 13 and most recently worked at my local store as a seasonal sales ambassador. Before I ventured into using their skincare range as a teen, my skin was breaking out constantly. I tried numerous products with my dermatologist, but I always experienced reactions. However, once I discovered Lush and their all-natural, cruelty-free skincare range I’ve been able to clear my skin up and find products that will remain staples in my routine. The brand also aligns with values that are important to me, such as sustainability and advocacy — I will go into more detail later in the article. If you’re a newbie to the Lush world like I once was then this best of Lush products list is for you. Let’s dive in!

Bath Bombs & Bubble Bars

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I had to start this list off with their coveted bath bombs and bubble bars. Bath bombs have been around for years and, in my opinion, Lush’s are superior. There are so many options to pick from year-round and they launch new ones for holidays, such as  Lunar New Year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. They occasionally partner with different brands that will feature limited edition bath bombs and bubble bars. For example, Lush’s most recent collaborations include “One Piece,” London brand Lazy Oaf and “Stranger Things.”  By now, you may be asking yourself, ‘What in the world is a bubble bar?’ well, I’m glad you asked. A bubble bar isn’t the same thing as a bath bomb, although it does add color to your bath. It’s a reusable bar that comes in a variety of fun shapes, colors and scents, that you break a piece (or pieces) and crumble under the faucet as the tub fills up. It will give you a luxurious bubble bath and a hint of color. You can use bubble bars multiple times, unlike the bath bomb which is single-use.

Lip Scrubs

Another good product for newbies to Lush is its lip scrubs. If you’re looking to make your lips nice and smooth, lip scrubs are the way to go. They come in a variety of flavors, such as Watermelon Sugar (hi Harry Styles fans), Mint Julips, Cookie Dough and Cherry to name a few. New ones are occasionally introduced around the holidays. For example, for Christmas 2022 they brought two new flavors out: Coconut Ice and Salted Caramel. Coconut Ice is my current favorite even though it isn’t being sold right now. I pair my lip scrub with one of their lip balms (my favorite is Lip Service) for extremely soft lips.

Shampoo Bars

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If you’re trying to be more sustainable and switch to zero-waste products, Lush is definitely a good place to start. They carry a lot of packaging free products, like the shampoo bar. Their shampoo and conditioner range has both packaging free and bottled options. However, the plastic that is used can be recycled. There are a variety of different products in their hair care range for different hair types. There is also a quiz available on Lush’s website for individuals to take to find the haircare product that’s right for them. I personally use their shampoo bars and have found that they work best for my thick hair, while also lasting a long time. According to its website, the shampoo bars “can outlast two to three bottles of the liquid stuff: one shampoo bar will last up to 80 washes!”


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Other good starter products are lotions and body butters. I personally love a good lotion and Lush has lots to offer from body butter and massage bars to cuticle cream and foot lotion. They have products that will work for people who have dry and cracked skin or just need a little extra moisture and softness. My two favorite lotions from Lush are Charity Pot and Sleepy. Charity Pot comes in two different forms, a solid, packaging-free version and a regular lotion contained in their signature black pots. Both versions of this product are amazing and aren’t too heavily scented. An added bonus to Charity Pot is that all proceeds of this product, except taxes, go to different grassroots organizations the company supports ranging from animal and human rights to environmental rights. On the other hand, Sleepy is a lavender and tonka-scented lotion that really soothes and moisturizes the skin since it contains oat milk and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. I personally use Sleepy right before I go to bed and it helps me wind down and fall asleep faster.

Side Note: If you purchase products in black pots those can be returned to your local store through their Bring It Back initiative, where you can have $1 taken off your purchase per pot or receive a free fresh face mask if you return 5 pots. The returned pots then get shipped to headquarters and made into new pots.

Face Masks

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The last product I recommend for beginners is face masks. Lush has a variety of masks for all skin types and their fresh face mask bar is one of the highlights of the in-store shopping experience. All of the masks on the ice of the fresh face mask bar have a three-week shelf life because of all the fresh ingredients they contain. They also have three other masks that don’t have to be refrigerated and last a few months. My two favorite masks are Catastrophe Cosmetic, a fresh face mask that contains blueberries and calamine powder, and Mask Of Magnaminty, which contains peppermint and aduki beans. Catastrophe Cosmetic is a good mask for those sensitive and dry skin, whereas Mask Of Magnaminty is good for all skin types.

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Overall, Lush is a great brand that has helped me immensely on my skincare journey. I highly recommend going into your local Lush store to get a consultation from one of the employees so they can help you find products that may suit your individual needs. I hope some of these best of lush products provide guidance for newbies to the brand or current users looking to try something different. 

Have you tried any of these best of Lush products before or have your own favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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