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What To Wear To A Beyoncé Concert: The Best Looks For The Renaissance Tour

Beyonce Renaissance Tour outfits

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Is wondering about what you’re gonna wear to Beyoncé’s upcoming Renaissance Tour all up in your mind? Well, don’t be alarmed, remain calm. You’ve come to the right place, Beyhive. The superstar’s new tour is set to kick off in May, and fans that were lucky enough to score tickets are probably in need of a fire, or should I say heated, outfit right about now.

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Queen B’s electric new album is all about feeling good and confident, and knowing that you’re that girl. So, if you’re ready to bring that energy to the Renaissance World Tour in a few months, here are five amazing Beyoncé Renaissance Tour outfits.

Put the Disco in Disco Pop

Renaissance is a total disco-pop album and was inspired a lot by the 1970s, so what better outfit to wear than a full-blown disco look? The great thing about 70s style clothing is that it’s so versatile and easy to put together. For this, you’ll want a pair of flare pants like these sparkly black ones or this red pair for a pop of color. On top, a plunging glitter cami would match perfectly or try a top with bell sleeves for that complete disco look. Whatever kind of outfit you put together for this, you’ll be sure to turn heads while you hit every dance move and think it should cost a billion to look this good.”

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Channel Your Inner “Alien Superstar”

Take a note straight from the gorgeous Renaissance album cover and turn heads in a silver metallic outfit. These bold straight-leg jeans are perfect for this, especially when paired with this simple satin bralette. Look other-worldly with dazzling rhinestone accessories, like this 3 piece set. The plunging necklace in this would be perfectly paired with the bralette and the dangling earrings are sure to make a statement. When your tour date rolls around, definitely “do not attempt to leave the dancefloor” with an outfit that looks this good!

Fringe For The “Summer Renaissance”

We love this hot trend that’s perfect for any party, festival or concert. Since most of the Renaissance Tour will be happening in the summertime, these leather fringe shorts are perfect and are just the right amount of edgy and fun. For a full-on fringe look, try this matching black top with rhinestone fringe. And since fringe is giving major western vibes, a perfect way to finish this look off is with a cowboy hat. This rhinestone fringe one is so glamorous and has superstar written all over it. And if you’re wearing a cowboy hat, then you need a pair of cowboy boots! But we’re not talking any pair. These gorgeous metallic ones are a must for the Renaissance Tour and will make your fit pop while you dance your heart out to Cuff It.”

“Category… Bad B*tch”

Burnt orange is such a stunning color and is super in trend right now. We love this color for the summertime, and that means it’s a great option for the Renaissance Tour. This dress with a hot plunging neckline is (almost) “too classy to be touched.” Or, if you’d rather go for a more casual and cozy look, this burnt orange top is super cute and can be dressed up or down. Plus, the bell sleeves on this are so ‘70s which goes perfectly with the vibes of the Renaissance album.

“It’s Not The Diamonds, It’s Not The Pearls,” Or Is It?

If you want to replicate Beyonce’s look on the album cover, a diamond tassel bra top would be a stunning choice. You can pair this head-turner of a top with a matching bottom for full-on glitz and glam look or a simple leather skirt. Keep the diamond energy alive with these gorgeous sparkling earrings. With a look this glamorous and dazzling, you’ll have no trouble screaming out all the words to “I’m That Girl” and feeling it, too!

Did you like this article on what to wear to a Beyonce concert? Do you have any more ideas for Beyoncé Renaissance Tour outfits?

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