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Ditch the Uncertainty and Start Feeling Empowered When Taking Photos

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This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s spring editorial intern Megan Pavek. Find her on Instagram at @megan.pavek. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at thezillennialzine@gmail.com.

Being photographed is an inescapable aspect of our lives. From yearbook photos to employee ID badges to befriending the overzealous influencer who catalogs every night out, avoiding the camera is not realistic. Existing in the age of social media also means that if you’re out at any event, the likelihood of someone asking to take your picture is high.

We’ve all had our run-ins with the family member with a knack for capturing double chins, who can’t wait to upload and immediately tag you on Facebook. It’s time for retribution. To aid in this endeavor, we’ve compiled easy tricks and photo pose ideas that will have you feeling confident and ready for the camera at a moment’s notice.

Curated Candids

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Professional photographer Madelyn Seemann of Made[lens] Photography is the queen of candids and beautifully captures the personality of each individual she shoots. Feeling uptight or noticeably self-conscious? This talented woman will make your awkward hands sparkle!

Online, Seemann shares with her followers the secret to creating great candids. First, throw on one of your favorite songs to relax and brighten up the mood. Be sure to wear an outfit you feel incredibly confident in. For Madelyn, purple is the color that makes her feel like a formidable force. Second, move constantly. Let the music inspire playful dance moves and remember not to take yourself too seriously.

Having fun and being in the moment will not only help you loosen up, but also inspire you to feel more carefree. For candid photos, the goal is to avoid feeling rigid or being stationary at all costs. Most importantly, never forget to be silly and laugh. These moments make for some of the best photos!

Made[lens] Photography is also a champion in empowering, supporting, and loving all women. Another video highlights how different body shapes bring a unique perspective to the same poses. Confidence is contagious and Seemann thrives at pinpointing your strengths and putting them on display to make you feel marvelously seen and accurately depicted. Try some of these other photo pose ideas for a more structured candid shoot: power pose, hand on hair, and leg in close.

Learning the Fundamentals of Posing

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A post shared by David Suh (@davidsuhphoto)

Posing coach and portrait photographer David Suh proudly proclaims in his Instagram bio, “I eat my client’s self-doubt for breakfast.” Making a career out of empowering people who identify themselves as “unphotogenic” Suh prioritizes body confidence and photography posing education. He has amassed a large online following by creating content on how to be photogenic while promoting self-love.

The majority of us likely grew up with the notion that being photogenic is something that either comes naturally or you’re just simply born with. Suh refutes this belief in his teachings, urging individuals to be kind to themselves and remember that being photogenic is a skill that can be learned. Some easy tips for beginners include finding soft lighting in front of large windows, practicing finding your best angle, finding poses that empower your body, and learning how different angles can accentuate different parts of your body. Most importantly, Suh wants you to remember that no single pose fits all!


How to pose your hands lvl 1 🙌🏻 #stitch with @Not Brooke Monk

♬ original sound – David Suh

One of the most common questions that Suh receives is how to pose with your hands. Sick of doing the classic hand on your hip because you’re unsure of what else to do? Aren’t we all! Don’t worry, Suh’s TikTok content covers this topic in full detail, breaking down a variety of different hand poses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced photo takers. You can find videos covering almost any topic, from four poses for solo pics to tips for mirror selfies, to how to pose like a baddie.

With the help of talented photographers and content creators like Madelyn Seeman and David Suh, you’ll be feeling photogenic in no time. Follow their pages for more tips, and remember that your beauty and confidence deserve to be captured by any camera.

Do you feel nervous or awkward when taking photos? Have any tips on how to overcome these feelings? Share in the comments below!

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