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How To Throw The Best St. Patrick’s Day Party This Year

St. Patrick’s day party supplies

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St. Patrick’s day, the greenest and luckiest day of the year, is right around the corner! Even if you’re not Irish, it’s so much fun to spend St. Patrick’s day partying it up with your family and friends. Bring on the chocolate coins, fun drinks and shamrock-shaped cookies, please!

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But, we know it can be hard to plan a party, regardless of the theme or holiday. You might be thinking about what kind of decorations to get, what food and drinks to serve or just how to make sure that your guests have the best time. So, if it’s your turn to host the St. Patty’s bash this year, consider yourself lucky because we have some great tips on how to throw the best St. Patrick’s day party.

What You’ll Need

If you’re going to host the most fun and festive party on the 17th of March, you’re going to need the right St. Patrick’s day party supplies. After all, what’s St. Patrick’s day without a whole lot of green stuff? First, you’re going to need some pizazz for you and all of your friends to wear during the festivities. These green and gold beaded necklaces are a perfect St. Patrick’s day party staple. They’re super festive and budget-friendly, and would match perfectly with your favorite “kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirt! To take it up a notch, try adding these adorable green glasses to your party supply list. These would look great in pictures and your guests are sure to love them.

Now, to deck your space out in proper St. Patrick’s day fashion, you’ll want to get some fun decorations. Letter balloons are an amazing option because they’re versatile, are sure to stand out and make great photo backdrops. These gold ones are perfect for keeping the St. Patty’s theme alive. The best part is, you can let your imagination run wild with these. You can spell out “feeling lucky” or something more clever like “let’s get lucked up.” Whichever punny phrase you go for, letter balloons are a great party decor staple and would be the perfect addition to your St. Patrick’s day party. Some shamrock garland would also be really cute!

Food And Drinks At The End of The Rainbow

When it comes to the food and drinks you’ll be serving at your St. Patty’s day party, the possibilities are truly endless. There’s so much you can do with the color green, shamrock shapes and the rainbow, and we just can’t get enough of how cute everything is. Food boards are a huge trend for parties right now and guests love them, so why not try your hand at a St. Patrick’s day themed board? You can totally green it out for this and use only green fruits, vegetables and snacks. For the perfect mix of sweet and savory, try covering your board in guacamole-covered crackers, grapes, celery, and green candy, like this bag of green M&M’s. To play on the theme even more, you can make a colorful board in the shape of a rainbow. For this, take your favorite fruits and line them up in a shape of a rainbow, matching the fruits to each color of the rainbow. For the end of the rainbow, get creative! You can use marshmallows for clouds or these cute and festive gold chocolate coins.

Everybody knows that St. Patrick’s day is really all about the drinks. There are so many easy recipes out there for drinks, especially super festive, bright green ones! Green jello shots and green mimosas are perfect options to have at your party this year. And if you’re underage or just not into alcohol, don’t worry! You can enjoy the holiday with a green non-alcoholic punch that all your friends and fam will love. Whatever food and drinks you put on the menu for this year’s St. Patrick’s day party, your guests will be feeling lucky they were invited!

Did you like these ideas for St. Patrick’s day parties? Do you have any more ideas for St. Patrick’s day party supplies? Let us know in the comments below!

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