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Daisy Jones & The Six Outfits And 70s Fashion Inspiration

daisy jones & the six outfits

The 70s has been making a comeback for a while now, but with the new Daisy Jones & The Six show on Amazon Prime, it’s becoming even bigger. 70s music, 70s hair, 70s home decor and most prevalently… 70s style. We are obsessed with the Daisy Jones & The Six outfits from the show, and we know you are too. So how do you dress like them? Here’s how to dress like every member of the band.

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Let’s get our 70s fashion on!

Daisy Jones Outfits

Daisy Jones emulates Stevie Nicks and 70s rockstars. She’s fierce, she’s wild – she’s a force to be reckoned with. Daisy often sports the wildest outfits out of anyone else in the band, because that’s who Daisy is. She expresses herself through her clothing, which makes her the hardest out of all of them to recreate. If you’re hoping to dress like Daisy, think messy, think unhinged, think badass, think powerful. Go bigger – bring the energy.

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Billy Dunne

Billy has a pretty casual style compared to some of the other band members. That being said, he’s a big jean guy and a big leather guy. He wears a lot of collared shirts, a lot of Texas Tuxedos (jean-on-jean combos) and a lot of T-Shirt leather jacket combos. Billy’s outfits aren’t too different than the outfits of an average man today – OK, maybe a little more jean – but he still fits into the 70s aesthetic perfectly.

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Camilla Dunne

Camilla Dunne has such an effortless and chic style. Just like how she herself is so effortless and chic. It’s flowy, hippie and oh-so 70s! Camilla’s wardrobe was inspired by Bianca Jagger, Ali McGraw and even Cher and it really shows in the pieces she wears during the show. Basically what I’m saying is that Camilla was the original rockstar girlfriend. Here’s how you can dress like Camilla!

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Warren Rojas

Vests, vests, vests, fur – and even more vests! Warren has the MOST fun style out of any of the men on the show… He’s also just the most fun guy in the show anyway – with the funniest lines and the best attitude the entire time. The entire band is going through it while Warren is having such a great time on drums. Anyway, everyone should incorporate a little of Warren’s fun into their wardrobes, so here are some pieces he would definitely check off on.

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Karen Sirko

Karen is the badass keyboard player of the band, and she’s not one to mess with. Costume directors on the show took inspiration from Christine McVie, Ann and Nacy Wilson, Debbie Harry, and Joan Jett. She is a little edgier than the other girls – even Daisy, with more black, more leather and more jean looks (thanks, Levi’s). Here are some pieces that scream Karen Karen (iykyk).

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Simone Jackson

Simone is the best friend there is, and she’s the disco queen! When it comes to 70s fashion, there are two main tracks you can go back down. Either 70s hippie rocker or 70s disco! Simone takes the flashy disco route and we are obsessed with her amazing outfits. She’s got the sparkle, shine and fringe! Here are some pieces she’d love, and don’t forget the gogo boots, baby!

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Are you obsessed with these Daisy Jones & The Six outfits like we are? Who do you think has the best style? Let us know in the comments below!

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