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How To Dress Like Simone Jackson – 5 Simone Jackson Outfits To Try


Simone is the best friend there is – she flies all the way across the world to help her friend Daisy. She also learns to embrace herself as the show progresses, which is shown in her style and her songwriting. Simone is a classic 70s disco queen and has so much energy and the coolest fashion sense. She makes a name for herself and learns that there is a place for her anywhere she wants to be.

When it comes to 70s fashion, there are two main tracks you can go back down. Either 70s hippie rocker or 70s disco! Simone takes the flashy disco route and we are obsessed with her amazing outfits. She’s got the sparkle, shine and fringe! Here are some Simone Jackson outfits she’d love, and don’t forget the gogo boots, baby!

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Do you love these Simone Jackson outfits? What else do you think she’d wear? Have any other wardrobe pieces that you think would fit right in? Who was your favorite character in the show and who has the best style? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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