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Does Your Summer Crush Like You Back? How to Tell if Someone is Attracted to You

how do I know if this guy likes me

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Having a crush and not knowing whether or not they reciprocate your feelings is a tale as old as time. The guessing games, analyzing every interaction, and unfortunately overthinking are all commonplace during this nervous dance between two people. We can all relate to constantly asking our friends “How do I know if this guy likes me?” or laying awake at night, ruminating on how to tell if she likes you back. While this period is not always fun, it’s all part of the chase and doesn’t have to be filled with uncertainty or second-guessing! Be on alert for the following signs to determine whether your crush likes you back. Summer is almost upon us and there’s no time like the present to make your move.

Body Language

Lucky for us, relationship therapists and trained psychologists have been creating content online with tips on reading body language. TikTok account Ask Kimberly offers real-life advice from a professional and informs users on signs to watch for. One of these signs is whether or not someone touches their face while talking to you. Apparently, when humans get aroused their faces become extra sensitive, and if you notice someone consistently touching their face when they talk to you, it’s a sign of their attraction.

If you are standing in a group, look to see if your crush has their feet pointed toward you. This is another green flag and body language that someone will subconsciously do if they’re attracted to you. Aside from these specific instances, many people believe that if someone touches you in general it’s a surefire sign that they’re into you. If you’ve noticed that they touch your arm while talking or put an arm around your shoulder, know that this is not typical “just friends” behavior. Before we jump to conclusions, it’s best to stay on the safe side and observe multiple signs including not only body language but also micro-expressions and other behaviors.

Micro Expressions

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Others swear by the eyebrow flash as a sign that someone is into you. This is a quick-nonverbal sign that is easy to miss if you’re not on the lookout for it. It occurs when someone quickly raises their eyebrows at you, in a matter of seconds, before lowering them and is universally accepted as a friendly and even flirty gesture.

If you catch someone repeatedly looking over at you, you may be playing “eye tag” which is another sign that they’re interested in you. If someone is staring, it usually means they’re attracted to you, or possibly you have a noticeable stain or piece of food in your teeth (but hopefully it’s the latter!)

A final microexpression to watch for is a classic smile. If your crush feels the same way about you, it’s a given that they will feel happy emotions and be smiling in your presence.

Additional Behaviors

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There are other general behaviors you can observe and use to your advantage if you’re still wondering how to tell if she likes you. If someone is attracted to or interested in you, they will want to be near you. Physically, if you’re in the same setting you should notice that they naturally gravitate toward you. Additionally, they will show their interest by reaching out and making plans. 

Nodding, tilting their head, asking you questions about yourself, and remembering the answers are also ways to know that someone is interested in learning more about you. These are all great signs, and at the end of the day, if someone is attracted to you they should make an effort. In contrast, if you are the one with the crush, take note of these tips and use them to show your crush that you’re attracted to or interested in them!

Still thinking how do I know if this guy likes me? The only true way you’ll know is to ask! While you can try to analyze body language, micro-expressions, and other behaviors, you can’t be certain until having a conversation. Remember to be respectful and communicate with your crush if you’re wanting to take the relationship to the next level!

Have any tips or advice to navigate a crush, or tell whether they’re into you? Let us know in the comments below!

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