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The Free People Onesie: Your New Uniform For This Summer


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Have you heard of TikTok’s new favorite clothing trend? This time, it’s a loose-fitting jumpsuit that has people absolutely hooked. It’s by the brand Free People and it’s called the Hot Shot Onesie. And let me tell you, it is definitely one of the hottest trends right now.

There’s no doubt about it: it’s effortless, cute and convenient. If you love casual and comfy styles, the Free People Hot Shot Onesie is a perfect piece to add to your summer wardrobe. Like what you’re hearing? Here’s are some iconic Free People jumpsuit outfit ideas just in time for the summer.

The Look

You might be thinking, why’s everyone obsessed with this thing? Well, a couple of things can be attributed to the hype around this jumpsuit. The beloved Hot Shot Onesie retails for $70 and is a part of the Free People Movement collection, which houses their active styles. The jumpsuit is intended to be worn for light movement days, like during yoga classes or walks. This piece is so easy to style and can be worn really whenever, whether you’re working out, running errands or going to work. On their website, the top-rated onesie has 11 different colors to choose from which only adds to its popularity. According to Free People, it’s supposed to fit slouchy,” and we all know how much everyone loves an oversized look! This also means that it’s perfect for layering and creating multiple outfits. We love a versatile piece! And if it wasn’t casual enough, it even has pockets on the sides.

Outfit Ideas

You’re probably loving the thought of wearing a Hot Shot Onesie right about now. If I’ve convinced you, you’ll want some outfit ideas so that you can step out in style this summer. The good part about the Free People jumpsuit is that there are so many different ways to wear it. For a basic staple look that’s perfect on any day, wear a basic white tee under the onesie in the color of your choosing. (I’m loving Mandarin Red for the summer!) Finish the look off with a pair of platform sandals and layered necklaces for an outfit that looks both put-together and effortless. On colder days, throw the Hot Shot Onesie over a long sleeve shirt, like a striped one to offset the onesie’s solid color. Chunky combat boots would complete this outfit perfectly.


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Loving the look but not the price? We don’t blame you. $70 can be pretty steep for a onesie. If you’re dying to get your hands on one, you’ll be pleased to know Amazon has many dupes identical to the Hot Shot Onesie without the hefty price tag. This jumpsuit has generally good reviews and is around $40 depending on the style you pick. The colors offered are unique and perfect for the summertime, like the “Light Blue” option which I would gladly live in this summer! Another identical dupe is one with a 4.5 star rating. There’s also this wide-leg option with solid reviews. It’s less like the iconic Free People jumpsuit than the first two dupes, but it’s so adorable and budget-friendly that you almost have to consider it!

Did you like this article on Free People jumpsuit outfit ideas? Will you be purchasing the onesie? Let us know in the comments!

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