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What Is The Sirencore Aesthetic? How To Channel Your Inner Mermaid

sirencore aesthetic

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Camille Williams. Find her on Instagram at @camiiwilliamss. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

With the release of the newest Disney live-action, “The Little Mermaid,” channeling the vibes of the sea is going viral this summer. Whether it’s wanting to look like the beautiful mermaid Ariel or the alluring villain Vanessa, both nostalgic characters are re-inspiring many looks this summer.  Mermaidcore has been a trend on TikTok for a while, but the sirencore aesthetic is also becoming increasingly popular. Sirencore is a darker version of the mermaidcore aesthetic since sirens are known to be more enchanting and dangerous. This summer is the perfect time to channel your inner mermaid or siren, and we have everything you’ll need to complete the look.

Sirens and mermaids are all about the ocean. Most looks involve wearing more muted colors like whites, creams, blues, greens, purples and blacks. A fashion trend I’ve seen with these aesthetics is beachwear. You want to look like someone who just effortlessly walked out of the sea.


When dressing like a siren or mermaid, many looks include flowy tops. Crochet or knitwear is also very popular, especially asymmetrical tops or those with ruffles embellishments. Your tops can often be somewhat sheer and can be layered on top of bralettes, bandeau tops, or embellished seashell bras if you want to go for the complete mermaid ensemble. Corset tops and bustiers can also be paired well with these outfits and can add extra dazzle to any outfit. It’s all about wanting to look effortless but still feminine and beachy.

Maxi Skirts

A staple of any siren or mermaid is a flowy skirt. You want to find long skirts or asymmetrical skirts that blow gracefully in the wind. This is another chance for you to layer pieces, especially if you have a skirt that is knitted or very sheer. You can pair swimsuit bottoms with a sarong or a lightweight skirt that’s perfect for the beach. You can also layer multiple skirts in different colors to add dimension to your outfit.

Ruffle dresses

A trending item on TikTok right that can be worn for these aesthetics is a ruffle dress. The cascading ruffles remind me of a beautiful jellyfish swimming in the ocean. These dresses come in many lengths and are something you can easily pair with many accessories for a quick and easy mermaid outfit. You can wear the dresses with stacked necklaces or waist beads to bring the more simple piece to life.


Accessories are one of the core elements of the aesthetic. You can wear a more muted outfit but adding jewelry or hair accessories can make you look like you belong to the ocean. Pearls are a go-to for mermaidcore and sirencore aesthetics. Pearl necklaces, earrings, rings or waist beads are a good way to go. Starfish and sea shell jewelry are also your friends, you can even buy or find your shells and glue them to hair clips for fun hair accessories. Anything sequins also pairs well with these outfits, the shimmer gives the look of being in the water, and who doesn’t love to shine? The more jewelry the better, layering necklaces, and adding earrings and headpieces will only make your outfits stand out more.


If you want to do a makeup look to match the mermaidcore and sirencore aesthetics, try going for a dewy or glowy look. You can add lots of highlighter or bronzer for a sunkissed face. If you want to step it up you can add glitter to the eyes in blues, purples  or whatever color matches the outfit you put together. You can even buy face-safe self-adhesive pearl stickers to add around your face and hair. The level of intricacy is really up to you. Your makeup should only add to the beauty you already possess.

Do you love the mermaidcore and sirencore aesthetic? Will you be incorporating this look into your summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

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