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Looking For A Fun Summer Activity? Here are 5 Personality Tests Worth Taking With Your Besties

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As the weather grows warmer and the month of June begins, it’s official: summertime is finally here! While this time of year allows many of us to spend more time with our friends, it can sometimes leave us feeling at a loss when trying to come up with new and exciting activities to do. What better way to entertain your friend group than by taking personality quizzes together? Not only will you have fun, but you’ll learn more about each other in the process. Here are 5 personality tests to do with friends.

Color Personality Quiz

You might remember this specific quiz if you were on TikTok in early 2021, but if you never got the chance to do it then, we highly recommend giving it a try now! This personality test takes you through a little over 10 questions to match your personality to 1 of 16 unique colors. From quartz to cerulean, there’s a color for everyone.

“Which Character” Personality Quiz

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This test aims to compare your personality with over 5,000 characters from your favorite movies, books and TV shows. The questions consist of dragging a slider between two adjectives (for example: charming and awkward) to get an accurate sense of your personality. The results include a graph of your traits vs. the characters’ traits, as well as a list of which characters are the most similar to you. It also allows you to sort the characters by the universe – over 200 of them, to be exact. If you’ve ever had the desire to find out who you’d be in anything from Harry Potter to New Girl, this is the test for you.

16 Personalities Quiz

Evolved from the Myers-Briggs type indicator, this test assigns you 1 of (you guessed it!) 16 personalities. To do so, the test will ask whether you agree or disagree with a few different statements. For example: “You regularly make new friends.” Once you do complete the test and discover your personality type, the website will take you through your strengths and weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships and career paths, all of which are sure to spark some interesting conversations!

Enneagram Test

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One of the more popular on our list, the goal of the Enneagram test is to put you in 1 of 9 different personality categories. The results can help you understand how you interpret the world and why you might value the things you do. The test also provides a diagram of how all 9 types relate to one another, which is a perfect feature to analyze with your friends or coworkers.

Buzzfeed Quiz Party

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Now I know that this technically isn’t just one test, but it’s definitely worth a try. We’ve all taken at least one Buzzfeed quiz by ourselves at some point in our lives, but the quizzes on this website are designed specifically to take with your friends. Just like always, you have your selection of any Buzzfeed quiz on the site, but this time, you and your friends’ questions and results will appear on your devices in real-time. Having the results already side-by-side for comparison makes the experience much more efficient and fun!

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While it can be entertaining to see the results we get from online tests, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone else. Just because a website might assign a personality trait to you doesn’t always mean that it’s true! Having fun with your friends is the main goal here. As long as you’re connecting, that’s all that matters.

 Do you have any favorite personality tests to do with friends? Were you shocked by any of your results? Let us know in the comments below!

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