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Step Into Central Perk: What To Wear To The FRIENDS Experience

What To Wear To The FRIENDS Experience

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Friends will always be one of the most iconic sitcoms of our time. It’s such a nostalgic show, I could rewatch it anytime and still enjoy it as much as I did the first time. And now you can step into the world of Friends at The FRIENDS Experience. If you are near New York, Brussels, Long Beach, Detroit or Birmingham and love Friends as much as I do, immerse yourself in one of their experiences. If you’re trying to figure out what to wear to The FRIENDS experience, we have you covered!

What is The FRIENDS Experience?

At the Friends Experience you get to walk through all of the main areas the characters spent time at in the show. You can explore recreations of Central Perk, the infamous apartment of Monica and Rachel to peek through the purple door or visit Joey and Chandler’s apartment to sit in the recliners with a friend. There are so many details to analyze, especially for the Friends fanatics. You can take photos or recreate famous scenes with a group of your friends. There are also a wide variety of props and costumes from the show on display to look through. You can also shop for exclusive Friends merchandise while you’re there.

What You Should Wear

Now that you have secured your tickets, it’s time to think about what you should wear. You can wear anything you want, but stepping into the world of Friends means going back to the 90s and early 2000s. Wearing something reminiscent of this era would pair well with the theme of the experiences and background for pictures, and to get in the headspace of being in the tv show. These decades have also been back in style within the last few years, so you might already have some of the elements you need to complete these looks.

Channel Rachel’s Trends

Rachel Green wears the most 90s trends during her time on the show. Her style is refined and fashionable. She wears a lot of cropped sweaters, mini skirts or shorts, turtlenecks, and graphic tees when she is the most comfortable. She is able to be trendy even when she is in something more relaxed.

Be Practical Like Monica

Monica Geller’s style is more laid back. She wears a lot of simple pieces like tank tops, buttons down, mom jeans, and sweaters. Her clothes are some of the best for longevity, as they are easy to pair with anything. A good pair of mom jeans can be worn with so many basic tops, as Monica so loves to do herself.

Wear Something Boho Like Phoebe

Phoebe Buffay is probably the funniest character to me on Friends. She is so effortlessly herself, and it shows in her style. Her style is boho chic and she wears a lot of long dresses, maxi skirts, turtlenecks, and jackets. Her outfits are eclectic and colorful, which makes it so fun to try and emulate her.

Recreate Something Funny

Accessories can be something that will elevate your Friends outfit and can be an opportunity to recreate some of the funniest Friends moments. You can wear Ross’s tight leather pants, Rachel’s fight-worthy sleep shirt “Frankie Say Relax” or the classic turkey wearing sunglasses and a fez Monica put on her head. You can use these accessories to recreate the funny scenes with a photo or video in a similar spot to the original.

Have you figured out what to wear to The FRIENDS Experience? Let us know in the comments!

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