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Want To Have A Miley Stewart Summer? Here’s What You Need To Know!

how to have a Miley Stewart summer

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Camille Williams. Find her on Instagram at @camiiwilliamss. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

If you’ve been on TikTok you might have heard about the Miley Stewart summer. This is a summer trend based on Miley in “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” where her dad takes her to her hometown, Crowley Corners, Tennessee. This trend encompasses everything she went through in the movie and being back in the countryside. It is a bit similar to other trends like the salted granola aesthetic or coastal cowgirl aesthetic because it emphasizes simple living and Western fashion. Here are some tips on how to have a Miley Stewart summer.

Enjoy the outdoors

A big part of living a Miley Stewart summer is experiencing nature. Going outside way more, whether it’s at a farm or in your backyard. Taking in the fresh air and sitting in nature is what it’s all about. You can eat breakfast or read a book in the nice weather. You can also go for a walk, a hike or a bike ride around your nearest park or field. Go for a dip in your local lake or enjoy a day of fishing. Connect with nature by trying to be more sustainable in your eating choices, like going to a farmers market for fresh produce, picking fruits and vegetables at your local orchard or getting chased around by chickens like Miley to collect some fresh eggs. Just being outside will feel so nice this summer.

Unplug from technology

When Miley went back to Tennessee, her father wanted her to reconnect with her roots. You can also try to live life this summer connecting to a simpler time. Put down the phones and laptops and go do other things that make you happy! You can spend time doing hobbies or games you used to do as a child. Or you can pick back up a hobby you just haven’t seemed to have time for lately. Go horseback riding if you’re able to. Try to shop sustainably at local thrift stores or antique shops. You can even try out baking in your spare time. When you spend less time with technology you will have so much more time to renew an old hobby or try new things.

Spend time with loved ones

One thing Miley did during her summer in Tennessee was spend more time with her family and friends. It’s a great opportunity for you to also reconnect with your loved ones. Take a trip to visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time. You can also spend more time with your family and friends by planning activities with them, like barbeques, bonfires or outdoor picnics. Hang out with a special someone while outside and enjoy nature together by watching the sunset or cloud gazing. If you really want to have a laugh, host your own hoedown showdown and show off your moves!

Channel Miley’s Style

Miley’s style on the farm was almost the complete opposite of her Hannah Montana persona and was much more laid back. Dress in your best cowgirl-inspired outfit during your Miley Stewart summer. Wear clothes that will be easy to move in, like flowy tops, dresses and overalls. Miley wore lots of henley tops, plaids and floral items. You can wear a cardigan with a trusty pair of jeans. Now is also the perfect time to break out your cowgirl boots and hats. Your outfits can still be within your own style as long as you feel comfortable and ready to take on the summer.

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