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Drink When Wine Night Book Review – The Rom Com Girls Night Of Your Dreams

drink when wine night book

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If you’re looking for a girl’s night activity, I have just the thing for you. Me and my girls are always trying to find activities to spice up life. Sometimes, we go out on the town. Other times, we stay in and watch movies. We have themed dinner parties, we go out to the pool. We plan vacations, we go shopping. But if you’re ever wanting a movie night with your girls that has a twist, the “Drink When” book is perfect for you. Drink When is an activity book that has a ton of classic, new and perfect rom coms to choose from. It’s a mix of of the classic “take a shot” game, the best rom coms of all time and girly wine nights. Let’s take a look at the Drink When Wine Night book and how you can use it have the best girls night in ever.

Movie Recommendations

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Drink When has 154 of movie recommendations, which means you and the girls can watch one a day for 154 days straight… or if you were to watch one a week, you could keep it going for over 3 years. Watch one once a month? Well, you’ll be set for a lifetime. I was a tiny worried when I first opened the book that they would all be super classic/basic rom coms like The Notebook, Bridesmaids and Love, Actually – don’t get me wrong, I have a place in my heart for classics but I was hoping for a mix. And Drink When provides a great mix. There are a ton of classics (like my FAVES of all time 13 Going on 30 and 50 First Dates) but there are some surprising new flicks too! Some I have seen and LOVED like Someone Great (which omg is my fave movie ever) and some I had never seen before (like Meet Cute). Overall, it has a great range of movies for every occasion, whether you’re in the mood for something old or new.

Drink When…

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We’ve all played or at least heard of the “take a shot when..” game and this book is quite similar. Instead of shots, the drink calls you to take a drink when certain things happen in the movie. For example, drink when…

…“someone mentions the Burn Book” in Mean Girls. 

…“someone dances on a table” in Mamma Mia!

…“Mia says shut up!” in The Princess Diaries

While some, like the ones above, are fairly obvious to event hose sho haven’t watched the movies, many are kind of deep cuts that make it obvious that whoever wrote this book was really paying attention. There’s a level of detail in this book that is really impressive, and some of the drink when commands are hilarious and so much fun. I also think it’s important to note that each movie comes with a hilarious little description at the top. My favorite, The Age Of Adaline description had me dying laughing:

“A woman stops aging after a freak accident, but still can’t find a man to commit to – even with centuries of experience.”

There’s also a spot for you to rate the movies after you watch them at the bottom of each page. How fun!

Wine Pairings

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My absolutely favorite part about this book is that every movie comes with a wine pairing suggestion. Obviously, you can drink whatever you’d like while watching these rom coms but I love the idea of a suggested wine pairing. As someone who wants to try out more wines, this book gives me so many fun ideas. The author did a great job pairing wines with movies and even gives reasons as to why that wine fits great with that specific movie. Here’s one example:

“For a movie filled with as much charm and quote-able lines as Legally Blonde, a light and crisp white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio is the only way to go.”

Is there a better way to watch your favorite rom coms? I can’t think of one.

Drink When Wine Night book

drink when wine night book


Whether you give this book to your bestie as a gift or buy it for yourself, it is bound to help your girl group make some hilarious and sweet memories.

Are you planning on buying the Drink When Wine Night book? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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