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Are You Loving The Granola Aesthetic? Try These Dorm Decor Ideas For The Fall

granola girl dorm decor

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The granola aesthetic has been trending online for some time now, and many people are joining in the lifestyle. The granola girl aesthetic focuses on being environmentally friendly and loving nature. They are more conscious about their habits, are open-minded, love to recycle, and do outdoor activities like hiking, camping or going to the beach. Now, the granola aesthetic is not exclusionary of other genders, but granola girl is just the name of the most popular trend within this aesthetic, which also includes other variations like the salted granola aesthetic.

The granola lifestyle is all about being intentional with their choices and striving for sustainability, including shopping for decor. There are ways to add personality to a room while still trying to be the most eco-friendly as possible to maximize your space. So, if this aesthetic seems like a good fit for you, here are some granola girl dorm decor ideas.

Nature wall prints

Nature is such a huge part of the granola aesthetic. Having a hanging wall print of nature-themed charts or insect illustrations is a cool way to incorporate some decor into your dorm while also being able to learn about the environment. A wall print is also easy to hang up with command strips and will be less damaging to the walls when it’s time to leave.

Hanging plant holders

Plants are always a great way to add both color and nature to a space. Granola girls love plants, and hanging pot holders are such a cute way to add them on more surfaces than tables or windows. And if your dorm looks anything like mine did, then there’s limited space in those areas. You can even hang these from your dorm bed if you loft your bed. Command strips are also your friend because you can hang up your plants from the ceiling, on top of your window seal, or from the walls. Make sure you try to find smaller shops or second-hand pot hangers because they are usually macrame or crochet, which takes time and effort to create by hand.

Woven storage

Dorms are notorious for not having enough storage for things you need, so finding cute storage that goes with your aesthetic is a must. When it comes to under-the-bed storage or in the corners of the room, you can still find something cute and sustainable. There are so many baskets and chests of different palm leaves and twigs, which are handmade and more eco-friendly than something like plastic storage containers.

Handmade Wall Art

Another way to add decorations to your dorm walls while still being eco-conscious is by buying handmade wall art. Keeping in theme with a more natural color palette and the granola style, displaying wicker art and macrame gives such good vibes and lets you adorn your dorm knowing that you are only supporting shops that also care about the environment like you do.

Dried fruit garlands

I’m sure we’ve all seen the fake greenery garlands used for room decor, and while they are a cute idea they are artificial plants. For the granola aesthetic, you can obtain the same style with real fruits and greenery. Dried citrus or flower garlands are so pretty, and because it’s dehydrated, they will last a rather long time. They also add color to the room and look great in the sunlight!

How do you feel about the granola aesthetic? Will you be trying any granola girl dorm decor? Let us know in the comments!

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