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Want To Try The Alphabet Dating Trend This Summer? A-Z Date Ideas

alphabet dating ideas

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The alphabet dating trend is one of the cutest ways to add some fun to date nights. This is a great way for couples who have been together for a while and sometimes struggle with coming up with fun and new ideas for dates. No more asking “What should we do?” or feeling like you can’t think of anything fun to do with your partner. Alphabet dating is a great challenge to start in the summer because there is always so much to do and the weather is great for some of the outdoorsy date ideas. It should be a fun way for each person to go out of their comfort zone and do things they might not have otherwise done anytime soon. Here are some alphabet dating ideas and tips for making your alphabet dating challenge a blast!

What is alphabet dating?

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When doing an alphabet date, you want to do a date that begins with a different letter each time. Every weekend or when both of you are free, you cross one of the dates off by doing at least one thing that starts with that letter. You can even do multiple things with the same letter throughout the day if you want to make the most of the challenge.

Different ways to do alphabet dating

There are multiple ways I’ve seen people go through the alphabet dating challenge. Some couples start with the letter A for their first date and each date after that is in alphabetical order. Other couples have written down each date idea from A-Z and then chosen random dates within their list to cross off, but still complete each letter by the end. I’ve also seen couples choose alternating dates for every other letter, which allows each partner to choose something exciting or make it a surprise! Either way, it is fun to think of ideas that speak to each person in the couple and try new things.

A-Z date ideas

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A: Aquarium, arcade, archery range, art gallery or axe throwing. 

B: Bowling night, bake something together, beach date or botanical gardens. 

C: Concert, comedy show, camping or carnival. 

D: Drive in movie theaters, darts, DIY something or a driving range. 

E: Escape rooms, exchange gifts or explore the city. 

F: Festival, farmers market, fishing or food trucks. 

G: Go-karting, golfing, game night or glamping. 

H: Horseback riding, hiking, happy hour or hot air balloons. 

I: Ice skating, ice cream date, improv class or indoor swimming. 

J: Jet skiing, jogging, jigsaw puzzle or jewelry making. 

K: Kayaking, karaoke bar or kite flying.

L: Lunch date, laser tag or live music.

M: Museum, movies, mini golf, mall date or musical. 

N: Netflix and chill, nature walk, national park or a night in.

O: Observatory, off-roading, outdoor dinner or opera.

P: Picnic, painting with a twist, pottery, paintball guns or a petting zoo.

Q: Quad biking, quiz night or a quadruple date. 

R: Roller Skating, road trip, rooftop bar or rock climbing.

S: Swimming, a spa day, stargazing or sunset watching.

T: Trivia night, trampoline park, tennis or the theater. 

U: Unplugged night, unusual food tasting or a U-Pick farm. 

V: Video game night, vineyard or VR arcade.

W: Wine tasting, water park, a walking tour or a weekend getaway.

X: Xtreme sports or Xbox gaming or an “x marks the spot” scavenger hunt. 

Y: Yoga class, Youtube marathon or yard sales.

Z: Zoo, Zip-lining or Zumba. 

Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to create your list with your partner. It can be a fun activity for both of you to decide on which date of each letter speaks to you guys the most as a couple, and what sounds the most interesting to each of you. This also doesn’t have to be for just romantic couples, you can do the alphabet dating trend with friends or even something to challenge yourself to do on solo dates!

What ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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