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Every Night Is Girls Night: The Best Tips For A Girls Slumber Party

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The slumber party is a long-standing tradition for women of all ages. Sure, it’s typically thought of as teens and tweens gossiping and pillow fighting, but the slumber party is so much more than that. It’s a form of sisterhood. Adult slumber parties have become a rarity and we think it is quite a shame. As Barbie said in Greta Gerwig’s new film, “Every night is girls night.” Today we are going to walk through all the important aspects of an adult slumber party.


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Texting the girl’s group chat to coordinate outfit aesthetics is not only applicable for hitting the town. Whether everyone is wearing big tee shirts, matching sets or sexy slips, the vibe has got to match. Dressing up is an important female ritual, by harmonizing your outfits along a specific vibe, everyone is brought closer together.


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Now we’ve all heard of a girl dinner, for the slumber party we are channeling this energy into snacks. The girlies love to graze. To create the perfect slumber party grazing table, have each person come bearing their favorite late-night snack. Chips, popcorn, ice cream, you name it. Make sure to coordinate a combination of salty and sweet for endless munching.


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This is a slumber party, but now we’re adults. Cocktails or mocktails are allowed, but come up with a fun drink to base your night around. When everybody chips in on ingredients to create a delicious pitcher, it creates a fun activity and a delicious refreshment. Check out this article for light and delicious cocktail recipes!


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A quintessential slumber party activity is a movie. The classic genres are rom-com and horror. Two very different vibes for different people, or choose to go the Barbenheimer route and make your night a double feature! For rom-com and scary movie inspiration make sure to check out our articles!


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Think back to the biggest belly laughs of childhood slumber parties. They came from prank calls. Even though our minds may have matured, a good prank is still the best way to have a giggle with the girls. Shaving cream, markers and the phone numbers of mutual friends are all fair play in the art of sleepover pranks. Make sure not to go too far and establish clear boundaries before getting too deep into a full-blown prank war.

Girl Talk

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The final necessary ingredient is some good old-fashioned girl talk. No this doesn’t have to be gossip or boy related, in fact, we prefer girl talk that passes the Bechdel test. But when all the girls are in one place, it’s important to gab. Card games like For the Girls, We’re Not Really Strangers and Convo and Chill are all great ways to get the conversation flowing (or crack open a bottle of wine). Unprompted or guided, girl talk is healing for the soul and the most important part of a slumber party.

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An adult slumber party can be whatever you make it. No parent is enforcing a bedtime, monitoring snack portions or supervising your activity, so go crazy! This is a time for bonding in the scarcity of sisterhood, and having fun while doing so!

What are your favorite activities at an adult slumber party? Let us know in the comments!

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