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10 Subtly Bookish Etsy Shops Sure To Please The BookToker In Your Life

subtle bookish merch

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With the rise of BookTok (the reading side of TikTok), reading has had a resurgence in popularity over the last few years. Every reader wants to share their love of books with the world, but sometimes bookish merch can be a little too on the nose. (Remember this design from your 2014 Tumblr days?) Thankfully, Etsy is full of shops dedicated to aesthetically pleasing, subtle bookish merch, perfect for you or the BookTokers in your life. Keep reading to see some of our favorites.


Not sure what to look for? Start here. This shop has it all: t-shirts, mugs and even an A Court of Thorns and Roses desk mat! If you’re looking for something truly subtle, try this Addie Larue freckle constellation t-shirt. Ink and Stories Shop has hundreds of products to choose from for all of your favorite fandoms.


subtle bookish merch

If you’re anything like me, you love a cute cup for your coffee. This shop specializes in drinkware perfect for sipping on while curled up with a good book. You can get a mug, tumbler or even a glass can. I own this tarot-inspired slow burn frosted glass, and I am completely obsessed. Whether you enjoy hot or cold drinks, dreaminginevergreen has something perfect for your little treats.


subtle bookish merch

Sometimes the best bookish merch is simply a cute bookmark. After all, you’re going to see it every time you open your book. A Blanket And A Bookmark has several cute options for your current read or an old favorite. You can even use this book tracker bookmark to rate your monthly reads!


There’s nothing better than putting on your comfy clothes and reading in bed all day. The Dear Writer Co specializes in cozy, handmade bookish apparel perfect for those rainy reading days. These A Court of Thorns and Roses inspired “Valkyrie in Training” joggers can be worn around the house or for your main character “training montage” workout.


If your closet is already filled with bookish apparel, maybe you’d prefer to personalize your book collection. DelightfulStamps offers beautiful personalized stamps and embossers for your books. Try this dragon stamp if you’re obsessed with Fourth Wing or this heart embosser if you’re a romance girly. Wow your friends with your gorgeous and professional home library.


If you’re a reader constantly on the go, why not get a bookish keychain? Hook it onto your car keys and you can have it with you while you listen to your audiobooks on the way to work. Dot Dot Goose sells keychains for those who prefer their men fictional and know that books should not be banned. You can select a premade keychain or design your own here.


If you love romance and subtle bookish merch, you’ll love this shop. Threaded By Sabrina sells embroidered sweatshirts for all readers, but their romance selection is top-notch. Select your favorite subgenre (cowboys, billionaires, hockey players—you can find them all here) or declare your love for the genre as a whole with this romance reader crewneck.


If you’re a Kindle girly, you’ve probably noticed the BookTok trend of decorating your e-reader with cute stickers and pop sockets. This Emotional Support Kindle sticker is very on-brand, or you can show your love for your favorite online community with this BookTok Club option. NasStickers has plenty of bookish stickers to ensure your Kindle is the cutest it can be.


If the wall behind your bookshelf is looking a little bare, try one of these bookish posters from the shop Guarelle! These designs are super trendy with a ton of options for Sarah J Maas fans like this A Court of Mist and Fury print. Not a fantasy fan? That’s okay, too. This gorgeous Normal People print was definitely made for you.


Lastly, need a bag to put all your new bookish merch in? Look no further than Primrose and Co Design! This shop sells everything from t-shirts to phone cases, but their tote bags are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re looking for something really subtle, check out this floral tote inspired by The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Whatever design you choose, take a trip to your local bookstore or library and fill your new tote with all the latest reads.

Have you purchased from any of these Etsy shops? Any other subtle bookish merch you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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