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Which 2003 Strawberry Shortcake Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

which strawberry shortcake character are you

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The early 2000s were responsible for giving us plenty of memorable childhood books, movies and TV shows, so many of which quickly became staples of pop culture. With all the content that was produced during the decade, it’s only natural that even some of the most iconic stories and characters would get a little lost as time went by. If you’re a Zillennial who grew up during the early 2000s, you’re probably very familiar with the reminiscent, nostalgic feeling that comes when a forgotten show or character resurfaces in your brain. Something about remembering a favorite childhood show just can’t be beat! The 2003 Strawberry Shortcake series (for me at least) is one of these forgotten shows that never fails to bring nostalgia. While Strawberry Shortcake herself has proven to stand the test of time, some of her lesser-known companions have gotten a bit lost. Keep reading to rediscover these beloved characters and answer the question: which Strawberry Shortcake character am I based on my zodiac sign?

Aries – Plum Pudding

While she wasn’t a major player in the 2003 series, Plum Pudding got her redemption in the 2009 reboot. Just like the first sign of the zodiac, Plum is an enthusiastic and optimistic character, but can also be reckless. She has a love for practical jokes and for dance, possessing quite the competitive edge at times.

Taurus – Huckleberry Pie

Typically the only male character in the franchise, Huckleberry Pie is always seen with his signature baseball cap and skateboard. He shares the traits of being dedicated and loyal with Taurus, while also having his moments where he just prefers to stay home for the day.

Gemini – Strawberry Shortcake

You had to know she was coming! Being the main character, Strawberry Shortcake is a master of all, seeming to dabble in every hobby under the sun. We can’t help but be reminded of Gemini by her character, as they’re both expressive, animated, social people.

Cancer –  Blueberry Muffin

Arguably the most intelligent of the bunch, Blueberry Muffin is hardly seen without a book in her hand and even owning a bookstore in the 2009 reboot. She tends to be more of a homebody, only really interacting with her closest friends. In addition to this, she’s caring and observant, but can also be clingy with those she loves.

Leo – Angel Cake

Angel Cake is one of the most nostalgia-inducing characters on our list, having never made it to the 2009 reboot. Just like Leo, Angel Cake is a generous, warm-hearted, decisive character who always knows what she wants. She can be a stubborn perfectionist at times, but only because she wants the best for herself and her friends.

Virgo – Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is easily the most reliable, selfless and hard working character of the series, always wanting to prove her worth to those she loves. Just like Virgo, however, she can occasionally be pessimistic and unagreeable, but this is usually because she’s so hesitant to admit when she needs help.

Libra – Lemon Meringue

Another one of the original characters on the list, Lemon Meringue has remained consistent in her love of style and all things fashion throughout the various reboots. She runs a salon in the 2009 version, a profession that goes well with her artistic personality and love of gossip. Much like Libra, she is also a sociable person and a diehard romantic.

Scorpio – Raspberry Torte

This character changes a lot depending on whether you’re talking about the 2003 or 2009 version, but she remains consistent in terms of her drive and tougher exterior. In the 2003 version, she’s depicted as a sports-loving tomboy with a soft spot only for her closest friends. She’s crafty and unafraid to use her voice to stand up for something she believes in, just like Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Coco Calypso

She might not be the most well known character, but she is perfect for Sagittarius! Coco Calypso is a very genuine and resourceful character, living by herself in a cottage on the beach. She shares Sagittarius’s love for adventure, fun, and social interaction.

Capricorn – Rainbow Sherbet

What better match for Capricorn than the most ambitious character the show has to offer? Rainbow Sherbet is a captain of her own boat and shares all her knowledge about sailing with her friends. She is practical and driven (as you need to be to operate your own ship) and just like Capricorn, always willing to help her friends.

Aquarius – Ginger Snap

Independent and creative, it’s no secret why we paired Ginger Snap with Aquarius. Ginger Snap takes part in everything from baking to inventing machinery. She also is one of the most talkative of the bunch and tries her best to keep everyone optimistic with her friendly, chatty personality.

Pisces – Seaberry Delight

Before you get mad at me pairing these two just because of their connection to fish, hear me out. Seaberry Delight is easily the shyest character on our list, usually only spending her time by herself or with her animal friends. She takes a while to open up, but is incredibly caring when she finally does. She can be a bit of an oblivious escapist at times, but she eventually comes around.

Which Strawberry Shortcake character are you? Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know in the comments!

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