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5 2000s Video Games That Are Sure To Induce Nostalgia

2000s video game nostalgia

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s senior fall editorial intern Maggie Lardie. Find her on Instagram at @maggielardie. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at thezillennialzine@gmail.com.

Being a Zillennial means a few different things. You bridge the awkward gap between generations and can relate to experiences from both sides, yet somehow not at all. It means you probably grew up doing your homework on paper but had to navigate online education sites upon entering high school and college. It might’ve felt like somehow, you just missed everything that Millennials and Gen Z had to offer. You were too young or too old for everything! Despite this frustrating occurrence, there was at least one thing Zillennials absolutely got the best of: video games. While they’ve certainly come a long way since the early 2000s, there’s nothing quite like those video (and computer) games you used to play when you were younger. Keep reading for some 2000s video game nostalgia that you might like to remember.

Nintendo Wii

Probably one of the most iconic inventions of the early 2000s, the Wii had the world in a chokehold for years following its release. With over 1,500 games to offer, it was impossible not to find something to love about the gaming console. Of course, we have to give a shout out to the one game every Wii owner possessed –  Wii Sports. This game still has quite the grip on pop culture, as can be seen in the various tiktoks mimicking the Mii characters from bowling or baseball. Speaking of Mii, the time spent laughing with friends and family at the funny characters you created never got old! Here are some more Wii games that deserve an honorable mention:

  • Wii Sports Resort: the same idea as its predecessor but with a tropical twist! (Island flyover was the best)
  • Just Dance: while this game is still coming out with new editions, we’ll never forget the excitement of perfecting a move on the Wii.
  • Mario Kart Wii: arguably the best version of this game other than the DS version. Admit it, you’ve had your fair share of falls from Rainbow Road!



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♬ Monsters, Inc – Gustav Lundgren & Unit

We know you remember this one! As if getting a stuffed animal wasn’t fun enough, seeing them come to life on the computer screen made this website one of the best. I remember having so much mining for gems in the curio shop and playing arcade games. Some of the internet’s most loved include:

  • Cash Cow: who knew connecting three or more same colored milk bottles could be so entertaining?
  • Smoothie Moves: the object was to shoot foods into the correct groups on the conveyor belt before they reached you. 
  • Pizza Palace: basically the Webkinz version of Papa’s Pizzeria (another iconic video game from our childhood).
  • Home Before Dark: the title is pretty self explanatory, but rearranging the paths to get the animals home on time was so satisfying!

CoolMath Games


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♬ Funky Town – 70s Hits

This was probably the website you went to during computer lab in elementary school. While it has a variety of educational games involving math, geography and reading, the most popular games were the ones just created for entertainment. Some of our favorites are:

Club Penguin

This was one of the first websites that allowed players to talk to one another while playing! Players could have fun beating challenges, playing games, conquering territories and getting to know each other. You could also buy a Puffle and customize it, along with your penguin avatar and its igloo.

Nintendo DS Games

Both the DS and the DSI kept Zillennial kids thoroughly entertained with features like Pictochat, the recording studio and the camera! The games, however, took the fun to the next level. Here are some of the most iconic.

Did this article make you experience 2000s video game nostalgia? What was your favorite video or online game from the 2000s? Let us know in the comments below!

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